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5/4/2018 c1 62Sauron Gorthaur
Oh very well done! I suspected the man was going to turn out to be Jim’s father, and the idea of Strickler looking out for Jim like this and being so protective of him hits all the best Strickler/Jim feels :) It’s feelsy to think of Strickler looking out for Jim secretly all this time (though the fact that he’s the one that chased off Jim’s father adds another layer of complexity to Walter’s relationship with Barbara). And ending it on that note! It drives home just how hard it must have been for Strickler to suddenly realize that Jim is the enemy now, after what he’s been willing to do for him and how protective towards Jim he is.

I loved the balance of sophisticated human history teacher who turns his nose up at having to sit in a sports bar and primitive, predatory monster that you give Strickler/Stricklander in this fic. There’s a dry, dark humor that I really enjoyed running through the whole thing, with the contrast to Stricklander acting like he’s the Big Bad Monster and his internal monologue of just wanting to get it over with and mentally rolling his eyes at the dumb human. I particularly had to chuckle at Stricklander acting like he’d eat Jim Lake Sr. but being like “um, no thank you” in his mind.

At the same time, I liked how *good* Stricklander is at using his monstrousness to the best effect, from staging it so that he can use his glowing cat eyes most effectively to the little tilt of his head to purposefully show off his horns to his “low growl just for the heck of it.”

I also enjoyed the irony of Stricklander lecturing Jim Lake Sr. on “being a decent human being” and the theme running through the fic of what it means to be human vs. what it means to be a monster. Stricklander doesn’t deny his own monstrosity, but I loved his line about Jim Lake Sr. being even more of a monster than he is.

Also, finally Stricklander is the one who gets to choke someone else instead of the one being choked!
Very well-written, atmospheric, and intense one-shot! I’ll enjoy seeing more TH fics (and hopefully some SM fics!) from you in the future. Keep on writing, and cheers!

-Sauron Gorthaur
2/14/2018 c1 KentuckyMacFuck
This was a lovely story, sad, but lovely, there is just something about these "Abusers-Getting-The-Shit-Kicked-Out-Of-Them/Angsty-AUs" Stories that I simply adore! :D
2/13/2018 c1 Sophhascoconuts
Ohhhh bless him! I actually do think strickler cared about jim the whole time so this warms my heart 3
2/13/2018 c1 139moonbird
Man that was dramatic.

Ones again you're really good at setting that atmopshere and really create an enviroment! I think these shorter stories are very well suited for you, you managed to convey a lot by actually keeping it to very little just having one little story in two different scenes. It's an interesting idea, and a interesting idea that Strickler would go vigilante like this when he just can't stomach certain things. I wouldn't assume changelings care about what humans does, but it does seem like it could be totally possible in this case. Also just getting a glimpse of how Stricklers two different natures could aid him if desired is possible. Good job, this was a very good piece.
2/12/2018 c1 12Psychochiquita
Poor Jim!
No, wait, I mean yay Stricklander!
I, well he's bad but, crap I'm bad at wording,

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