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for The Last 25 Floors of Aincrad

1/29 c7 Random-Cliche-Name
Damn I completely forgot about this. Glad you’re not dead dude. Great chapter, really can’t wait to see more combat and skills 10/10
11/13/2019 c6 3Flenners fanfics
when is the next chapter?
2/7/2019 c6 Random-Cliche-Name
Ah I see the confusion, party size in sao was 6 but in all it was 7, the devs changed it for in unknown reasons. Also I don't want to be that guy again but in sao skills had cooldowns, players didn't have manga. Sorry about mentionig that if you brought it up before or if you're changing the mechanic. 10/10 can't wait for the update
1/31/2019 c3 Big Chungus
Wow! This was really nicely constructed! Good job, man!
1/30/2019 c5 Random-Cliche-Name
Great chapte, love this story so far. I had to reread the last because frankly I forgot all about this fic until I got a notification. Can't wait for the update so don't die until then. One issue though max party size in Sao is 6 not 7, you might have mentioned changing that but I don't remember so sorry if you did. 10/10
1/26/2019 c1 Felix Barnes

Don’t hate on the Moonlit Black Cats, eh?
5/26/2018 c3 2Chevalier Lecteur
That was really cool, I hope you continue!
3/5/2018 c1 13narusakufan1985
This sounds really good. Please continue. Kirito and Asuna forever.
2/17/2018 c2 Silver-Tritium-Protractinium
Wouldn’t it be 2024, since two years passes between the launch in 2022 and the 75th floor boss?
2/13/2018 c2 ReaperOfShadows125
Well...that went absolutely nowhere close to where I thought it would go. Im going to watch how you handle this.

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