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for Harry the weapon

11/30 c4 1hellion117
Holy shit that was a helluva read…
Last chapter coulda been a tad fleshed out some but I digress
11/11 c4 NoSkill4me
The wrap-up was a little too quick for my tastes, but otherwise, an exemplary nice story.

Nicely done!
10/25 c4 4Her Grace The Grand Duchess
OMG. I laughed through most of this thank you so much.
10/15 c4 SunPho3n1x
I absolutely loved reading this story! Thank you for writing this.
10/12 c3 Blueberry Babe
still one of my favorites. thanks.
10/11 c4 Hawthornbranch
Love this, absolutely love this! What a wonderful, delicious scramble of a tale. So many of my favorite concepts, alliances and bashings all in four glorious chapters. Hufflepuff Harry with Slytherin tendencies and allies in light, medium and dark pulling mundane weaponry out to trash the wizarding world's worst. Bravo! Thank you so much for sharing your time, talent and, most of all, inspiration with us!
10/7 c4 3BeyondRubies
This was such a fun story!
10/5 c4 Katescats
Hi that was a great story.
9/29 c2 36CharmedArtist
I adore the interactions between Harry and Snape! Truly a cheeky brat.
9/28 c1 CharmedArtist
Hah! Just got through the scene with McGonagall and absolutely loved it. He ran circles around her!
9/19 c4 kiwihipp
What a great ending! I love this strong Harry and his team, who will not take no for answer!
Good to know that Harry could still enchant his light aircraft!
9/19 c3 kiwihipp
Things are looking up for Harry and very much down for Dumbledore.
9/19 c2 kiwihipp
Great way of sorting out both Lockhart and Umbridge! Dumbledore cannot keep up with things any more!
9/19 c1 kiwihipp
I just love this story where you’ve turned the whole story upside down, inside out! I look forward to reading the next chapters.
9/9 c4 14AnAnya Contd
dear Lord! I laughed for 15 min straight after I read his new name..
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