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for Harry the weapon

4/25/2022 c1 Hank1967
Brilliant chapter! Love your Harry! Also love your Dursleys. Rather a scary thought, but there it is. I do like the idea of Vernon preparing Harry for what is to come and ensure that he had some street smarts. If you ever revisit this story, please spend some time and words in detailing out the relationship between Harry and the Dursleys, especially Vernon. The concept is fantastic, I would just like to see a bit more detail. Really enjoy how you managed to play on Muggle strengths in the Wizarding world. That was really well done. I like how Harry has set up his network, made friends and managed to accumulate quite a bit of power for himself. Enjoyed what you did with Snape, Filch, Dumbledore, Minerva, and Millicent. Thought you did a great job with those characters. Love Snarky Harry!
4/25/2022 c1 mooneysfate
wonderful story! :D
4/22/2022 c4 1KarlosRollos
*slow calp* That... that certainly was something.
Something good and hilarious, theres no doubt about that.
4/15/2022 c4 odonnellzoo99
Fantastic story! “There are some advantages to Hogwarts, and you’re basically all of them” and “…writing frequent ‘darling-I-love-you-my-trousers-are-on-fire’ letters…” are two amazing lines just in the second half of this chapter alone. I don’t Favorite every good story that I read. It has to be one that I could see myself reading again. This story definitely qualifies.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
4/12/2022 c4 3desireejones99
Wow glad Sinyk had this as one of his Favorites. Some How I had missed it. Funny as a Mother Flerken
4/10/2022 c4 WhatHaveIDiscovered
Interesting tale. Enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!
4/10/2022 c2 WhatHaveIDiscovered
"Centaur of attention" bahaha love it
4/5/2022 c4 Patton
Easily one if the best fan fics I've read especially loved how level headed Harry was and the payoff of seeing incompetent school administrators get their comeuppance is beautiful
4/3/2022 c4 Sensorybuzz
I love this story! Wonderfully written and so much fun to read!
4/2/2022 c4 sk1199
This is one of the best stories I have read. Thank you.
4/1/2022 c4 annette-ella
Great Story
4/1/2022 c4 1AchillesTheGeek
Thank you for the story, I really enjoy it when Harry gets several over Albus
3/31/2022 c4 Guest
Chapter 1 had me cackling in glee. 2,3, and 4 were the finishing combo to a great start. Thank you, this was beautiful.
3/31/2022 c4 FFFudgeUp
Great story. Love Harry/Millie. Thanks for sharing
3/30/2022 c4 SeleneBoxer
This was fantastic. I got a very big smile when I read about Harry having to write lines after his performance with the glider!
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