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for Harry the weapon

4/2 c4 2D72
I have never seen a fic be kind to filch, and it honestly makes me sad.

I have also never seen Lucius Malfoy Wizardbaiting in a helicopter. That is fantastic.

This fic was a joy, and my only complaint is it isn't one of those weird fics that go on for a million words.

But there is absolutely a time and place for utility, and this fic did wrap itself up nicely.

Harry Bulstrode Harrying terrorists in a harrier off a carrier would be nice though...
3/20 c4 ColoradoBee3500
Fun story. Stood many of the FanFic tropes on their heads :-)
3/20 c1 3Damien Evermere
Ron Weasley tried a roundhouse kick? someone who has never seen a martial art film and hasnt been trained no I"m sorry realistically its likely who would have tried to stomp on Harry's leg if he tried to kock but its way more likely he just threw a punch.
3/15 c4 zinne
This was so much fun!
3/14 c4 4EricFreak
A fast fun story that kept me entertained till the end. Good job.
3/11 c1 TrumpasaurusRex
"Are your whole family stupid, Weasley?" asked Harry "I heard your mother telling every mundane in England how there were too many of them, and how she couldn't remember which platform to use, despite having already brought a positive hoard of you to school. Your prefect brother knows what's what, he remembered the statute of secrecy, but maybe it's all the childbearing has drained your mother's brain out between her legs. Never heard of contraceptives I suppose as well as being a big blood snob to complain about muggles using their own railway station."

I laughed so hard at this paragraph. Childbearing has drained your mother’s brain out between her legs? Genius.
3/4 c3 40Concolor44
Just finished this marvelous little romp for the second time, and it was every bit as much fun as the first go-round. Kudos!
3/3 c4 ManuahiDesai4
loved it
3/3 c4 7Apprentice Tom
Oh the misspent youth of the author! Lost in space. Monte python! I really enjoyed this story. Everyone needs a bit of humor especially before work. Well done.
3/3 c2 Apprentice Tom
Centaur of attention! LMOA! Star wars and star trek fan! Whohoo! Nice way to off the toad. A nice prank would be everyone in great hall wearing a pink cardigan!
3/2 c1 Apprentice Tom
Great tale Sal. Raining frogs! LOL. Quoting Yoda: The force be with your writing. I love Harry's sarcasm & the Effing way he throws 'Naff' around.
3/2 c4 Guest
A great ending to a great story.
3/2 c4 Guest
I see fro. Your explanation how you wanted to use 'apostrophised'. When I looked it up in my copy of Roget's, I didnt see your usage. I was an editor in college (editing other students' theses for hire), and I never once came across your usage. Kinda threw me.
3/1 c1 Guest
Great chapter, but one wrinkle; the word 'apostrophised'. That word was used in a connotation of Harry's being looked down on for "being a swot". That is an incorrect usage of the "a"-word.
That word means "to use an apostrophe with a word", usually to indicate a possessive form of whatever word one is using the apostrophe with.
Other than that, a great story so far!
3/1 c4 7Daemon Sadi
nice (non-too-)little fic, thanks for sharing :)
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