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2/6 c4 Guest
Hilarious! Loved it, while it was very humorous, it was also highly believable. I could see snarky matter of fact Harry saying everything. And Vernon without the curse. Thank you for writing a fun story, appreciate it!
2/2 c4 4ScorchingCold
"Lucius bought a helicopter and enjoyed freaking out other wizards with it."

Sort of sums up the story and how it breaks the clichés. Well done!
1/29 c1 1jc-montanorock
Ok, I saw this guest do it, and I will make a joke answer… everybody thought lupin was female but hiding it and that he had a crush on a member of the marauders (note how women can go up the male side stairs but men can’t go up the women stairs) so they just went along, and when they were adults… probably they thought he was trans and all (do not doubt the dumbness of magical people
1/28 c3 Guest
I'm pretty sure that Snape knew that Lupin was a werewolf before he went following Sirius' little bit, and in fact dragged out the information out of him.

Though that's canon. In this AU I'm guessing what happened was Sirius was a bit more actively malicious, and Snape just knew they were doing SOMETHING out of bounds. Given how no one figured out Lupin was a werewolf during his year of teaching OR during his time as a student (other than the Marauders), it's possible that 'sick once a month, timed with the full moon' wasn't connected with 'is a werewolf'.

I could also see that this Albus got a laugh of intentionally setting Snape to get injured. And 'helpfully' get leverage on his 'favored' students. And manipulate Snape. Maybe he even intended for Snape to get turned, and more leverage on him that way. Certainly doesn't seem too out of character with this jerk version of Dumbledore.

Wonder if the Flamels ended up aging a bit more due to not having the elixir for a time, or they were using up a stockpile. I suppose it depends on how long they expected Dumbledore to borrow it. And I bet they'd be pissed if Albus implied that he never intended to return it to them.
1/28 c4 Blueberry Babe
fantastically, amazing , wonderful story. great job. thanks! We'll done!
1/26 c4 14jjslll54
Glad I found this story. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Added to my favorites. Thank you for writing it.

1/24 c1 LadyKirsten
Still one of my favourite stories.
1/20 c4 SherlockWholmes
Muggle tech for the win! You continue to make me laugh with each fic of yours I read! Kudos!
1/15 c4 1Darknessdawns
This is just one of those fics that I love enough to read multiple times. As this is the second reading that just proves it. In all honesty I absolutely love how Harry was written in this and am quite sad there isn't more. I enjoyed how intelligent and cunning he was throughout the piece. I also quite liked the alternative pairings and variations on the canon events. Personally I hope this version of Harry shows in more of your works.
1/7 c4 cameron1812
Yeah, so perhaps one of the funniest and most satisfying short (er) HP fics I have ever read. Good scribe, thank you most humbly!
1/6 c2 cameron1812
I may have laughed out loud a dozen times whilst reading this chapter. My wife thought I was goi g mad. Excellent. Keep up the good work. Harry pranking Dumbledore in action and speech is legend...
12/22/2022 c4 Lord Peverell-Eveningshade
Nice story. Kudos.
12/21/2022 c4 CarolWim
Amazing story. Thank you.
12/15/2022 c4 52EdTheBeast
Cute, funny, silly, intriguing story way off into left field of an AU!
12/15/2022 c4 SunPho3n1x
This was such a great story! I really enjoyed the plot and how irreverent Harry was. Thank you for writing this.
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