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for Monster Hunter World: A Barroth In Between

10/19 c13 ashrenshugar
Good to see your back and doing well. Great chapter, can't wait to see where the story goes.
10/19 c13 Guest
Glad to see your back again, hope you are doing well with Collage.
4/25 c12 Guest
I love this, was wondering when your gonna make the next chapter?
4/9 c12 Guest
I come honestly feel kind of sorry for Cheeky. Poor guy can't catch a break.
4/2 c12 Luine Mercury LWG
Why do I get the feeling that a cat monster will be joining the harem soon? *remembers what fic I'm reading* Oh, right.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
3/29 c12 Dragonhearted77
worst case scenario is that's its a alatreon or fatalis lmao but i heavily doubt that
3/29 c12 TheDino27
A shame Xavier doesn't have the ability to use Hunter Styles because otherwise that Narga would be TOASTED in seconds by the best (totally objective btw/s) style: Adept.
(Yes I begun playing MHGU a week ago, why do you ask ?)

Gameplay jokes aside, I'm glade to have been proven wrong with my worry that the story was abandoned cuz this is good.

As for the chapter itself, I'd say a good mix of story, fighting and lewd with a slight incentive on the lewd part but this isn't a problem. Besides, I do believe that I'm in the minority when it comes to reading this story not for the lewd but for the plot and characters.

The second "black thing with wings" was mentioned I thought of Narga so it wasn't really a surprise given that Nergi was obviously out of the question.
But what did surprise me is the amazing show of the power gap/evolution that we've got there which is honestly really good writing on the author's part.

Indeed, in the first chapters Crushes Trunks (gonna use initials after this for names because I'm way too lazy to write them composed names, forgive my procrastination levels) was shown as being able to straight-up demolish anything that we saw and even Xavier had to flee from her (at first, of course, we all know that it ended in hot (literally) anthro dinosaur lewd), which made the vine traps that had gotten her trapped seem extremely powerful.

Yet here we're in a similar situation with the Narga except without as much buildup and when she gets caught by the same vine traps we're all expecting, reader and character alike, for the fight to end. But in a sheer show of power and as to say "fuck you Anjanath, I'm an Iceborne monster and you're not" she just gets out of the vines to everyone's surprise.

That, my good sir, was a good surprise and a nice way to show the sheer power difference between the start of story and now.

And yes I'm totally over-analyzing a story about anthropomorphic monsters that fuck eachother 24/7. And no I've got nothing to say in my defense, deal with it.

Now here's me awaiting the next chapter to see who wins, who loses and who gets fucked in the ass, literally.
3/25 c11 TheDino27
Given that Chap.12 is an announcement, dropping this here.

Like for the other one, if someone asks, tell them that I don't even know the name of this fic, for my dignity.

That aside, holy crap it's actually interesting. I was skeptical when reading the first chapter and the fact that the monsters would be Anthro (it's nothing about kinks, I'm not reading this for fap material anyways, just that imagining MH monsters as humanoids is something that I've got trouble with given that I really like the actual designs of the monsters) but as soon as Smarty Claws was introduced, I was sold.

Seriously, I want to see this fic continue just to get more Smarty Claws. I can honestly say that she's my fav character here.

This done, the plot (not *this* kind) is also really nice, yes it takes the MHW story and puts it on a different light but that's IMO what makes it good, it isn't too alienating and yet feels original so that's all I'm asking for.

Humor is also really nice, like the Monster Girl Guide, it isn't something hilarious but it did get a laugh or two from me along with quite a lot of smiles (especially the cock sleeve joke that made me laugh for a good minute) and that's all I'm asking for.

I know I said that I wasn't here for the fap material and I still aren't, but if I were to judge the lewd scenes as objectively as I could, I'd say that they're pretty well written. Not so long as to take away from the story, not too short to be insignificant and enjoyable overall which would probably be what someone looking for fap material is looking for in a story like this.

Overall, a story that I really didn't know I was going to like and that I sincerely hope gets updated soon even if my hopes are low due to how long ago the last update was.
2/17 c12 Jeff
Sorry i know I'm not supposed to leave a review but i just wanna say your work is amazing
2/1 c11 Lamb64best
What is your plans for the handler?
Is she going to be like Xavier?
And how the fuck if he going to have sex with a lavasioth?!
11/21/2020 c1 2RedTokyo95
Liked, commented, subscribed, anything I am missing?

Loved the way everything was executed In your story, interesting point of view, good characters, and development, great comically attractive characters, grand adventure, sum gud fucc, God damn dude, there is nothing to hate about this story, unless they are too immature, or hates furry/scaly stuff, but shit, you definitely got yourself another reader looking forward to the next chapter!
10/7/2020 c11 Djmonkboi
Can you please update this. This is my favorite story and i would love if you updated this
10/2/2020 c11 Power Balance
Here's an interesting idea: Ivory Lagiacrus lady/guy. Think about it. It's a land dwelling version of the Lagiacrus species, and would be an extremely helpful member of the group. It's my favorite monster, and for some reason, I keep seeing it as female.

Either way, my favorite monster in world has to be Viper Tobi Kadachi. It's beautiful design, it's fast movements, and ailments keep me on my toes all the time. If there was a monster girl I'd date other than Lagiacrus, it be Viper TK
9/20/2020 c11 Orca
Hey, love this story. Just a qq, whens the next one coming?
7/16/2020 c7 Dragonhearted77
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