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5/25 c3 18BornOnTheBreakOfDawn
This is very interesting! I hope this isn't abandoned, I would've loved to see how this story would progress. Nice work so far!
12/1/2020 c3 16starfiction123
This story should not only have been completed this fudge should have been a potential episode on Boruto though the past arc was cool in canon this would have been such a delight filler to see at least before kawaki shows up but oh well good story though!
8/30/2020 c3 1insanemaelstorm
This was good. I like how Naruto remembered things due to the ball. Like how hinata and himawari have been shown. Can't wait to read more
8/28/2020 c3 Mary
Nice. It seems like Naruto gets his memories back rather quickly. I hope we will see him interacting with Boruto before he has all memories restored.
8/28/2020 c3 3Chewie Cookies
Good to see an update from you, my dude.

Keep up the good work!
8/27/2020 c3 Godschildtweety
Really good
6/21/2018 c1 Guest
"still-sleep-addled brain"? SHEEZ how long does it take for him to WAKE UP? He'd never survive in college!
4/5/2018 c2 QueenDeadPool
I really liked this.
3/14/2018 c2 2hinatagirl0805
interesting story so far. I'm wondering if his memories went to his 12 year old self and if you will be doing a POV of that time period or not? I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
2/16/2018 c2 2UzumakiGal3113
This has a lot of potential! I love it!
2/15/2018 c2 9NarHina
Awe Naruto pulled an Hinata, I can't wait to see what Himawari makes him do when they hang out.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
2/15/2018 c2 4RavenShadow
That was so cute! Thank you for the update, I really enjoyed it.
2/14/2018 c2 SPark681
Something tells me that while Hinata is freaked out Naruto can't remember her she is gonna enjoy this chance to start anew anyways keep up the great work!
2/14/2018 c2 11nightwind83
that's really cut ending. something tell me that hinata will be getting a kick trying to get naruto to react like that
2/14/2018 c2 3Chewie Cookies
LOL, friggin' cute!

Keep up the good work!
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