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5/10 c47 itme94
Oh no no no no, Astoria nooooo.
5/10 c46 itme94
OKAAYYYY didn't see this coming, wow! Thank you for the update!
5/8 c39 Rubywurst
Erm Hermione is a total bitch in chap 39... and kind of OOC as well. Did she seriously say to Draco, to have better let Astoria get tortured and die by Dolohov rather than being saved by Draco?! Erm no... that’s not something she would ever do. And by the looks of it, she isn’t the irrational angry and spiteful woman she was prior due to the virus - that has been cured out of her right? And THEN she doesn’t at least fell any guilt or remorse after Draco’s rightful lecturing. Hm... yeah. Definitely Bitch-Hermione.
5/8 c35 Rubywurst
BAMF NARCISSA here we goooo! Gods I love her in this fanfic more than any other character!
5/6 c47 1mitch404
Very interesting. So excited for the update
5/2 c25 sunflwgranger
Hermione is so insecure in this fic that makes me wanna kill her. yes he likes you. yes you made a choice 5 years ago. and no you aren't happy and what's your problem in accepting you are in love with him? that you care for each other. Hermione when she is written as this annoying person is so boring.
5/1 c47 7Maxennce
Lol, loved hermione’s monologue
5/1 c12 sunflwgranger
narcissa is rotten
4/29 c47 tpbasu
This fic is incredible. I’m super late to the party as I just started reading it 3 days ago but I’m so hooked! I’ll be yet another fan patiently waiting for an updatethanks for the great story and I hope you continue/finish it. I’m obsessed with Dad! Draco and your version is just *chefs kiss* perfect.
4/29 c1 1CapnSammaye
Update please!
4/27 c47 Bhf29
I loooove this story.
4/22 c27 Soraslove
Can hermione compromise though? Idk, tbh.
4/22 c24 Soraslove
Eh.. i don't feel bad for astoria, she's a spiteful bitch. She should never should have married draco, but decided to cause she's greedy for money, kek.
4/22 c23 Soraslove
Astoria is a fucking idiot.
4/22 c22 Soraslove
Yo.. they should have just off'd rita, the stupid bitch.
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