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8/9 c48 Guest
I hope u and ur family, friends etc r doing well!
I love ur story a lot please do update :((
7/21 c48 Nacf
Love it. Can’t wait for the update for this and Howl for Me. Please eeeeee update.
6/25 c1 Devilwoman18
Come back this was getting so good
6/23 c48 6JasmineDragon22
Man this story is such a thrill ride. I love it! You use of the charcters is awesome with such an engaging plot. Update soon!
6/20 c48 Swottyk8te
I’m sure you are busy with life and other stuff, but if you could update this story and Howl for Me, then my life would be complete. Xxx love your stories!
6/18 c29 Swottyk8te
People are still reading this all the time!
5/14 c48 BratGirl83
Really looking forward to the next chapters, please update
4/16 c48 Tamras1972
such a good story. hopefully you'll have time to update soon. thanks for posting.
3/26 c48 Guest
Lucius should listen to his wife. I love reading Hermione and Draco’s relationship develop further.
3/26 c41 Guest
St. Mungo’s is too relaxed for a reporter to so easily capture those pictures. Such a sweet family moment though
3/26 c39 Guest
Go Aurey! Kick him again lol
3/24 c48 Guest
Please update please PLEASE
2/21 c45 atroxhisses
I noticed you haven't updated anything in a while either here or on your Facebook page, and you were normally pretty active, so I just wanted to reach out and say that I hope you're doing well!
1/15 c48 1SusanMarieS
it has been awhile since I've checked back. thank you for the update
1/12 c48 Guest
Please please please I need to know the end
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