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9/5/2019 c11 Guest
RAAM Picks up Dalton as Myrrha eulogies the invasion of the special region.

Myrrha:I am pleased with our efforts, I understand another land of inferior species has been located. We will win this war. It’s only a matter of time.

RAAM Stabs Dalton as Gyules looks in horror.

8/14/2019 c11 11Fer82
Good chapter, a slow one... sucks to be Bozes and Panache, then again it was their fault. Dalton... Rory is somewhat right he doesnt have a plan to his future, and for moments he feels off. It is interesting what youre doing with Myui.
8/9/2019 c11 3Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
I thought Rory's reasons were certainly valid. No complaints.

Massages, and sponge baths.

Sounds awesome.
8/8/2019 c11 5Ethan76
Oddly enough it deleted parts of my last review... They weren't swears or odd symbols. Maybe they were lost when I copied it? Hmm. Regardless, my point was basically Myui would be an idiot not to get more involved and she could provide a few of her royal guards to the COG as recruits to become gears. That, combined with the huge amount of Intel they could provide would be a good bargaining chip to provide soldiers, food, supplies, and an embassy in Italica and the surrounding region.

There was more but I am sure you can see past the random holes and missing symbols in the last comment.
8/8/2019 c11 Ethan76
Sorry in advance for the long review, but I feel like these are things to be considered.-

Good addition and I really enjoyed it. I think the PTSD nightmares are a nice touch that adds a lot more depth to the characters. Especially if someone native to the special region sees that struggle (Myui maybe?) and realizes how human they really are. Despite the nice size of the chapter, I feel like largely nothing was accomplished in this wakes up, meets the maids, and it ends with his team coming in. That's a huge amount of fluff dedicated to a few hours of activity at most. I still love the chapter, especially the Tuka stuff. I just really hope the next one has more stuff happening rather than adding a lot of background to so few things.- Like ideally I would say Bozes freaks out (Please don't do the smacking thing, that was pure fan-service in the show and it was stupid... Her freaking out makes sense, even a scandal as she's practically naked and sneaking into his room. Smacking him makes much less sense.) Pina and her aides going to Alnus, than Earth, and it wrapping up with the initial meeting of the ambassadors- Maybe more?

Now, on to my worldbuilding suspicions/comments. I bring this up because the shows focused heavily on fan-service rather than making sense.

I imagine that the actual forming of an embassy and the arrival of soldiers and supplies won't happen until the COG gets permission from the "higher upsI don't know enough about COG leadership to say whoWhich will likely happen when Pina goes for the expected negotiations. I bring this up because I don't remember it being mentioned much, if at all (by the COG), after Myui declared it during the treaty signing.

However, as I said before Italica needs aid/support and Countess Formal does not trust the Empire to provide it. I think that after hearing the news of the near-collapse of the treaty, it would make a lot more sense for the Countess to take a more active role than she did in the shows. Ignore it and her people starve, the Empire stays occupying her city, and her territory is in danger should hostilies resume. More likely, she would send a trusted representative (If not herself) to the COG leadership, as well as guards to request the support (Food, soldiers, supplies). Keep in mind, with the establishment of an embassy, the Coalition (Is that name right?) and Italica would be acknowledging each other's claim to the territories they hold and are agreeing to work together, at least somewhat. This could easily lead to a vassalage of Italica to the Coalition as it is still two separate states (governments), one just owes it's allegiance to the is through taxes and the offering of troops if requested, etc.

I think that Myui would offer some of her royal guards (because she has no remaining troops) to the COG as soldiers as well as recources for intel on the Special R could provide info on local languages, more accurate/detailed maps, troop strengths for surrounding holdfasts, political interactions between the other southern territories in the empire, limited knowledge of magic, and the local military Southern territories bit is important because many other places are likely in similar situations, and if the COG extends the hand of friendship, their territory could double, maybe triple.

Keep in mind, some port cities resisted JSDF heavily in Cannon. Likely because while trade and harvest was effected by the decree, they were one of the few remaining places that had food to trade (fish) and would have been rich if the JSDF didn't provide aid. (Maybe this translates to port-cities send out raiding parties to stop the transport of supplies into the other cities. Obviously it would fail, as COG would guard them... I assume this would lead to the assault and take over of these cities. Do the COG have a Navy? I know the JSDF ended up establishing one in the special region... Things to consider.)

Anyway, if Myui and Pina both go, what Pina has to offer is basically nothing. She won't provide most of this info as it is dangerous for the Empire and they are technically still at war. Pina will be forced into a tough position and try to find the least damaging path that leads to peace. She isn't stupid enough to provoke them, but she may consider offering land (based on how Earth is in ruins), Empire becoming a vassal, or the cessation of control over any territory south of whatever and maybe forming a DMZ. She doesn't actually have the power to do any of this, but she could try to work this in the Senate or with her father.

Regarding the guards becoming gears, if you read the books, the JSDF did occasionally accept locals. This was after the whole Zorzal debacle, and the start of the Imperial Civil War. Warrior Bunnies were specifically mentioned because they had greater strength, speed, and stealth than human soldiers. On top of that, you yourself mentioned that medusas can transfer memories. From an Intel perspective, imagine pulling secrets fr
8/8/2019 c11 Dandaman5
Cannot wait for the next chapter! Keep it up!
8/8/2019 c11 Guest
Tuka is so cute.
8/8/2019 c11 Guest01
"The enemy soldier was slumped unconscious against the wall"

Why the hell is he unconscious? They couldn't beat him if he had his armor, right? It does not make sense.
8/8/2019 c11 3Another S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Hey, I might have been one of those one/more idiots.
I read the rationale before commenting.
Its still a stupid move, while you put a spin on what canonically was "crazy moronic kind of stupidto more of general stupidity.
You dressed it up better.

A soldier always carries on active deployment, whether its to the latrine or to the bushes to play with himself. He still carries a rifle and or sidearm.

Even bathing.
You just attach floaties to the rifle and use barrel plug.

I understand that some stupidity is important for plot points.
8/8/2019 c11 1Felswinter
Keep it up mate!
8/7/2019 c11 1LordGhostStriker
I might have to choke out my bro if I catch him like that.
8/7/2019 c11 44Wacko12
Rory is a dick
8/7/2019 c11 coduss
Oh god that's right...the COG had that fucked up draft where you either fought or labored as a farmer or baby factory...
8/7/2019 c11 2VGBlackwing
could be worse Carmine family member joins them gets capture, end up dying and Bare's Squad loses it and don't give a shit what bare says
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