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4/1/2018 c2 The Observer
Fascinating. Quite fascinating.

Now usually I would be quite verbal in my review/analysis but considering I've enjoyed your story considerably I don't think such 'criticism' would be necessary.

Chapter 1 was quite the prologue. There's always a sense of tragedy in every character's life isn't there? Not that I'm complaining though. It's always nice to empathize or sympathize with a character. Makes the connection to them feel more meaningful. It was long and quite sufficient as a introductionary arc.

Humour is sweet and on point along with the narrative. Grammar is looking good with very few errors which can be easily overlooked. Daire is a nice OC and I like your declaration last chapter that there won't be a harem and he won't be a Gary Stu. I like authors who acknowledge character flaws and make successful attempts to rectify this.

I do wonder who'll be with Daire as a team and who'll be his partner. Oooh~ Considering that this story was published on February 15th and this chapter was published on April 1st (a month and a half later) then does that mean we can submit possible OC ideas for you to use, if we're allowed to help you of course if you need it, due to the long time frame between updates (thus giving you more time to plan and shape your story accordingly)? Because that would be awesome.

Although, I do like a regular update schedule and it would be intriguing to see what you come up with on your own. But then again, it would be fun to give OC ideas and sew what you write with them. Whoops, sorry I'm rambling.

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter and what else you can come up with :)

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