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6/8 c3 Guest
ONE PIECE manga spoilers!

Will there be a Yamato chapter with Wano or is this story done?
2/8 c3 CeliSB
Love it
6/17/2020 c1 Orihime-18
I never tolerate the idea of luffy having lots of affair even though he already became a pirate,,.i just can’t take it as my value when it comes to things like that..this story is I guess something the idea when I read the synopsis and the message above..so i wil just read the first chapter since I’m looking for a luvi fanfic to read..the first chapter was for vivi..thankfully she’s the first to read so I could stop after since it’s one shop per girl...tnx stil for luvi story..I ship them to be the couple in one piece (though I belong in the minority but I’m so so hoping on this pair and I’ll be more happy if they wil be canon)
3/9/2020 c3 Guest
Did not enjoy
3/9/2020 c3 Guest
The whole Nami and sanji thing repulses me , I despise it completely
3/9/2020 c2 Guest
3/9/2020 c1 Guest
Ye mate there is no fanfics for Vivi Reiju or viola because nobody gives a shit about them , it’s pretty simple really .
2/22/2020 c3 Guest
That was amusing and interesting
2/12/2020 c3 Rice with Chest-Nuts
oh wow!, that's some history you got there about Nami and Luffy past with Sanji in between.. also that little explanation Luffy has with Reiju... this is definitely not a Humor genres right?, its too deeep!.. lmao.
i also like with what you did here!, making improvise story that could being 'used' as a trigger for the next scenario! like.. when Nami trading the 'Ring' for the antidote!? and all the conversation between Reiju and Luffy in sickbay they had and they have after!?, maan.. i know an awesome writer when i see one!, keep it up and don't stop writing.. you have your own uniqueness!,

but all and all, i still enjoying this fics...its still amusing to read and i find this quite erotic too! this has been my favorites chapter, lol
2/12/2020 c2 Rice with Chest-Nuts
daang~... those was kinda deep for a Humor genre!, that Nami's statements of Luffy because he cannot loving only one girl.. and Viola confession about her 'past' with Doflamingo, and telling her feelings to Luffy. i mean, sure. i like it, we all like it.. but still..
anyway, took all those asides i kinda like with how you doing here, i know it could be improve(?) but this is still sooo hot... i know, Viola right? of course its hot, like to see more of LuffyxViolet fics,.

now i know! why Vivi said that in previous chapter about he is still a bad liar even through a writing...ಠ ͜ʖಠ)
2/11/2020 c1 Rice with Chest-Nuts
this is amazingly fantastic! always enjoyed LuVi smuuut~ here and there,
12/21/2019 c3 Meazm
That was hot!
11/21/2019 c1 Guest
It's pretty fucking stupid to exclude Shirahoshi and Rebecca just because they're they're fictional fucking characters no sane intelligent human cares how old they're for that little reason since they can separate reality and fiction.
8/18/2019 c1 Guest
Drawing the line at Rebecca being 16 seems weird to me seeing as pre time skip vivi was 16, luffy was 17, and nami was 18 oh well though I enjoyed the read.
8/29/2018 c3 3trollzor69
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