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for A Sky Full of Thunder

7/22 c21 3Fyr RedNight
You did an amazing work with this sequel!

I was as hooked on it than I was with Fire, I just knew that it was going to be as interesting, if not even more so!

As always, the plot and characters were wonderfully written.

Alright, I'll not waste any more time and go straight to Starlight! (You've got a gift with naming great stories by the way ;) )
7/17 c18 Opachki
Wow that thing was like some good old 40k shit and I love it
6/11 c8 Guest
ellie you see...*points gun* *and shoots* take this *gives him a soviet sign with a title of "queen of winged stuff lol"
1/3 c20 ZhaWarudo
English a horrifically difficult language LFMAO, dunno is that a perspective of fictional character or Japanese.
11/1/2021 c21 Maxim7
Well I read everything from Fire and Thunder, gotta admit this is way better than most Gate fic where it end up as the usual military destroy evil Roman fic.

I like how you made people from Gate side able to mix their magic with Earth Technology.

One thing I have issue is on how much of pushover the Gods are. It just kinda feel weird that nukes could made them feel pain considering they no longer has mortality concept like pain. I feel it would be better if the nukes/radiation is supported by Magic or supported by different Gods.

Oh well time read the Third part, I am curious if APostle Ngunyen would be a dangerous villain or onot.
4/27/2021 c21 1BurningHeretic
Building a weapon that rips a hole in reality is definitely something we would do if we could.
4/2/2020 c21 1ColonelJay
Great follow-up to the first part! Currently binging so I’ll rush to next, Starlight!
5/17/2019 c21 FalbertForester
Well done, a good follow up to your previous work.
3/7/2019 c18 3AngelForm
Odd how a story about teaching space exploration evolved into such a grimderp dystopia.
12/27/2018 c20 Pomada
I would sell my soul to see a Tech-Priest with a bunch of rad-troopers fall through a warp rift into this fanfiction. That's not going to happen sadly, but it's still a nice thought.

12/20/2018 c20 Dicloniuslord
fucking SpaceX
12/17/2018 c20 W. Mong
SpaceX. Of course, it's SpaceX. I honestly can't stop freaking laughing.
12/14/2018 c20 kim.joohwan
12/11/2018 c20 Guest
Thank you for the epilogue. I’m eagerly looking forward to A Sky Full of Starlight.
12/9/2018 c20 Cool Tech
This is what I imagine how A Sky Full of Starlight story suppose to be.

For example

-At some point in the distant future 20-30 years later. Earth has finally create a spaceship that can travel from Earth to Falmart and various planet with the use of StarGate and by space with the technology of Fast Toward the Light and Wrap Jump. Thanks to the scientists that work in Area51/NASA that use the same technique from Half Life. They can use their own Gate to travel anywhere in universe.

-People from Falmart can finally travel to Earth with the use of Visa both human and demihumans with the right to become Earth citizenships.

-Many nations from Earth aside from US and Japan send their corporations and their people colonies to colonized the planet and find natural resources and set up their own facilities and scientific research base. These also include pharmaceutical, oil, mining, fast foods, water supplies, automobile, weapons industrial, genetic engineering, consumer products, land and real-estate business, hotels, travel business, stock market from Wall Street, NASA/Space Travel Agency, and etc.

-Remember when President Donald Trump talk about US Space Force? At some point, America create a Colonial Army to maintain order, provide security, and to protect Earth and America asset from any future threat from extraterrestrial. That also include Apostles/Gods of Falmart if they cross the line. This Space Forces would be something similar to United Nations Space Command(UNSC) from HALO or Interplanetary Strategic Alliance or ISA from Killzone. At some point, Falmart would have another conflict. Space Marines would be drop from space capsule and commence attack after being drop from high attitude just like in anime "Genocidal Organ."

-With technological advancement and US Congress funding research on defense and research. America was able to create and deploy Kinetic Rods and several other Orbital Weapons into the orbit just in case for future threat both on Earth and Falmart.

-Next generation combat infantry will equip with exo-suit and personal buddy drones.

-Battle Spaceship Fleet has been established. Something that similar to UNSC from Halo.

-Next generation VTOL Stealth Jet Space Fighter for Colonial/Space Army base from movie Independence Day.

-Space Station on Earth and Falmart has been build in order to travel from planet to planet by using StarGate. This is where many scientists from various nations and some mages(selected a few) would work together.

-International Space Travel Agency was established. Earth can travel to Falmart, Mars and Moon now. Mankinds has finally colonized Falmart, Moon and Mars. City has been build on the planet. Mining corporations discover new raw material on both planets.

-Magic School/Academic has been establish on Earth and have many branches. The school itself was founded by Leilei and her family and friends. Many people from all over the world enter this school to become mages.

I think this is how the new story will be. What do you guys think? Feel free to discuss.
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