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6/7/2018 c1 Nicole Miklos
thank you for the follow up to cat's meow, the story was funny. I loved reading the story.
3/24/2018 c1 71Tanith2011
Sweet, sweet vengeance! Very amusing and clever way of giving everyone a taste of their own medicine or rather essence of cat urine. From experience, cat urine is not pleasant at all especially from Tom cats.

Glad you made a sequel!
2/19/2018 c1 26Lynn's Stories
Steve was right! Payback is a...

Thanks for the smile
2/17/2018 c1 44EKWTSM9
Like some others, I had to go back and reread your prequel - this is a terrific 'second chapter.! Very clever. Thanks so much for posting!
2/17/2018 c1 Amanda England
A very good sequel and I am glad Steve had got his revenge ! Maybe next time the others will think twice before teasing him.

A update well worth waiting for thank you.
2/16/2018 c1 Helenem
I too had to go back and reread the original story and I had just finished watching Spooks For Sale so I get the inspiration. I got a great laugh from this, paybacks can be sweet and everyone took it with good humor. Another great tale!
2/16/2018 c1 1Sylvia Elaine
That certainly gave me a laugh and I got a double laugh because I had to read The Cat's Meow all over again to remind myself what it was about. I wonder if it's really possible to do that with microdots. It's a great idea for someone wanting to play a gag on another. Having had cats all my life I know what a very pungent odour they give off when "scenting". It stinks! It lingers! It's almost impossible to get rid of! UGH! Neutering a male cat removes the smell in the urine but many years ago we had a male cat that was neutered but my Dad always said the vet must have left something behind as he could still scent mark... and he did... wherever he felt like it. Horrible! I can really sympathise with Mike and the guys in the office and Jeannie too. That was some payback. A very ingenious and humorous story. I enjoyed it.

Just a little to give you a laugh. In Scotland neutering a cat is called "dressing" it. My Mom and I were on holiday up in Scotland and the subject got around to cats and our particular male cat and this lady asked my Mom "Did you get it dressed?" and my Mom replied "Oh no. We never put clothes on him!"
2/16/2018 c1 JEM
Ha loved it, justice served.
2/16/2018 c1 14Tonyrobbertsen
An excellent sequel. Chuck, Steve's old friend and chemist genius, gave Mike. Jeannie and the men of homicide a piece of their own medicine in Steve's name. It wasn't a little payback it was a big one. Regarding Mike's, Jeannie's and the other's reactions they know when they are beaten

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