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5/2 c95 Chamberstaneshia69
i knew there was something fishy about that negotian
5/1 c82 Chamberstaneshia69
kinda upset Violet didnt get to be the heir/heiress cause she deserves it but i understand
5/1 c75 Chamberstaneshia69
i just realised i havent seen oral hygeine brought upor do they already have tooth brush and toothpaste though seems unlikely or maybe its just smallfolk that don't have it like the paper and soap
4/13 c49 JManM
Technically feudalism is the most stable form of government, while representative democracy is the most uplifting of its citizens. Historically democracy is shortlived and violently ended. The USA is the greatest country to ever exist and in under three hundred years our republic has polarized to the point were we can barely stand to tolerate each other. The feudal systems lasted 1500 years and only ended because technology advanced beyond its means to control.
4/13 c37 JManM
Awe. This is like the Stardew Valley of ASOIAF fics. Leave the conflict to the edgy teenagers and allow us to enjoy some wholesome goodness.
4/13 c20 JManM
She laughs, but sword spears were a real thing. Not for long cause someone smart figured out you could put an axe or a hammer on a shaft and get much better results for less work, but sword spears were a real thing.
3/18 c138 anzafay21
Thanks for the chapter and story so far alltheuntold!

Really enjoyed your story and take on the got series before the start of the Canon storyline and the beginnings of the game of thrones

Really loved how our mc has slowly developed into the person and character he is today by slowly using the knowledge he knows and slightly remembers from his time on earth to not only help his surrounding area nd its people.

Also was really happy to see the mc actually have kids as it seems to be a rare case where the stories don't include the characters or main characters having kids and the affects having kids have on a parent.

Looking forward and hoping to see where you'll take your story and if our mc and his wife will live long enough to actually be involved in the Canon timeline with all its characters and how he and his family will affect the Game Of Thrones.

Keep up the amazing work! Really hoping you continue your story and upload a new chapter!
3/14 c1 Donout
oh wow. read through it in one day. Have to say im impressed.
3/8 c30 Valaista
The songs were beautiful.
Keep up the amazing work
3/6 c138 Giorgio Quelini
Great story, really love how you have developed a character that doesn't knows everything but tries his best to make things better.
Hope you update soon.
3/2 c138 Chainsawnoise
hope you're not dead, but if you are I completely understand and have a nice day.
2/25 c60 1Useless Mortals
I'm just commenting so the idiot below me isn't the first thing people see in the comments. Ignore him. He's just salty because this isn't a story about an "ordinary" guy from Earth who, for some reason, knows everything about economics and gunpowder and machines and is able to uplift the North in a handful of years while making everybody else look like idiots.
2/21 c60 3This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
Wow, Micheal is such a wuss with such nonsensical things that he overthinks. No Micheal it doesn't make you evil to charge for services. YOU are A lord, not a government. The land is your private property.
2/21 c57 This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
Wow, Michael is still stupid with his modern mindset. He lived 40 years as a peasant and still refuses to adapt.
2/21 c25 This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
Wow, another daughter.
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