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for A Farmer's Tale

9/8 c82 Guy
And with the fucking equality feminism bullshit here lmfao
9/8 c77 Guy
These stories are so fucking painful with dipshit, crying liberals injecting naive, retarded modern progressive shit in. This chapter is especially bad lmfao, "free trade is better right?!" "oh no, but what about big government ?" Bitch, you're a fucking medieval lord, shut the fuck up. Just fucking ridiculous.
8/23 c128 D3Diton
this Vamyx kid... is he like... Michael?
8/13 c138 jfarth
bumping to show interest in this, but understandable that life lifes

curious about the butterflies to aerys and the master of coin position. Will this solve many problems? or just cause more unrest and opportunity for House Ragnar when the King fouls it up. Presumably the Mad King will overturn many of his grandfathers successful policies (including inviting Tywin to court).

Does Lord Baratheon still die at sea? When will we see the more familiar faces of the Starks (Lyarra, Ned, Benjen)?

Curious also about the strength of the rangers and the Ragnar professional soldiers. Have their levies(or equivalent) increased with being raised to Lordship?

I presume that the border skirmishes will lead to consolidation of the Ragnar Manderly power bloc, and will give House Ragnar a strong voice in any conflicts. Attendance at Harrenhal in the works? Will the Ragnars be able to stop any foolishness? Presumably the brothers Ragnar are weary of the foolishness of the King, but to truly understand the depths of his madness?

etc. etc. bump bump
8/13 c136 jfarth
I keep waiting for the shoe to drop on the Bolton settlers, (spies of some kind?) but I guess they're just settlers.
8/9 c138 analisisawam
when you will continue act3?
8/2 c39 majikss
you need to tell us who the characters name were following.
7/10 c13 Seran58
Rednecks are the best!
7/6 c137 3Kahlan C
Hice una relectura bastante gratificante. Sigue siendo igual de fascinante que la primera vez.

Debo decir que, aunque toda la historia es interesante, los Interludios son los que disfruté más.

4/30 c1 ftoroserpro
As Robert the hitman said - Run the fuck to the summer islands!
4/20 c138 kageknuser2710
This has been a really interesting story. The War of The Nine Penny Kings was really well-executed. Good job all around :)
4/20 c136 kageknuser2710
Great development for Arthur and Ryden btw. Glad to see that they have started growing into their roles!
4/20 c132 kageknuser2710
Really feeling bad for Aegon V haha, his successor is a useless cur
4/20 c131 kageknuser2710
Brothers are indeed the worst xD I would definitely wake him with a big ol' bucket of water in the morning haha
4/20 c118 kageknuser2710
This was a really good speech! Well done!
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