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for As the Romans

2/20/2018 c2 4BiteMarksonHertongue
Ahhhh I love it it’s amazing I’m so excited that you are writing again!

I’m very intrigued on where this is going.
2/19/2018 c2 littlebittykittyone
I am always delighted to see a new story from you because you take this fandom to the strangest of places. I was sitting in a coffee shop with my boyfriend when I got the notificationabout this yesterday and tried to explain to him that I just got an email about a GG fanfic set in a Roman universe. He, not being into fanfic, was blown away that such a hung existed. I look forward to seeing where this goes (and hope that you come back finish the gangster story you started last year as well!).
2/18/2018 c1 8Liz-Beth520
This is very different, I like it! Great writing, I'm interested in seeing where you go from here.

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