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4/17 c36 Guest
That was good
Waiting for the next chapter . Hope it will be about the truth and dare game
Please update soon and take care
4/11 c36 Guest
Write something of possessive and jealous YJ
4/11 c35 Guest
Now that you have mentioned in chapter 35 it would be interesting if they use chains and whip
3/31 c36 Maria Rosa cisi
Wooow ga eul y yi jong queman todo juntos el auto es muy bueno para esto y mas
3/31 c36 davian11
So hot ️
3/30 c36 Guest
This is good story hahahaha. Wild version of gaeul. But please make yi jung be possessive, jealous and protective over gauel. Make a story in theur summer vacation
3/30 c36 3xXAnime AquamarineXx
*fans self*

Yes, yes, yes! As hot and steamy as usual!

(I too have imagined that they've gotten carried away in the back of his car as well *wink wink*)
3/25 c35 Guest
Waiting for the next chapter
Please update soon
3/8 c32 Maria Rosa cisi
Wooow estos dos si saben tener un buen dia y saben como despertarse por las mañanas. Ga eul ahora es mas que satisfecha porque nadie interrumpio
2/28 c35 4ms.margie
Love it! It's exactly how I imagined their first night would be if GE visited YJ in Sweden :P
2/27 c35 3xXAnime AquamarineXx
Whew, the roughness! But damn, the hotness! I am screaming! It was intense! *fans self*
2/26 c35 Myrslayer
Thanks for this new chapter. So sorry for your lost. I understand that you have to focus in your original writings but please keep writing SoEul stories. I enjoy a lot reading Good Girl (some chapters give me good ideas XD) and your others stories. I appreciate that you keep in this ship despite that many years has past from BOF.
Take care
2/26 c35 4angee818323
First sorry to hear about your close friend passing away
Love this chapter it was so hot
2/26 c35 emoment16
Ohh someone needs to call a firetruck, it’s getting burning hawt in here haha <3
2/26 c35 Guest
Hey I really like your Stories
Please do continue it with many more chapters
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