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for Perchance to Dream

8/5/2018 c3 4Alongusername
Thank you for this heartwarming Fic! I’ve seen so many people re-write the ending, and this version is a very unique take! I like it! John and Harold’s relationship has always one of the shows best, and I do yearn to one day have a friendship like it, but until then, their characteristics and characterisation in this Fic is amazing, much better than I could do! I’m only a few days into the POI FanFic community, and already it’s a real great place to be after you’ve finished watching the show. I commend your work and hope you get to make more like it :)
2/22/2018 c3 2Kurai's Calisto
That was really sweet. A nice and calm ending, and few explanations and feelings. It is nice to see new stories even though I came late into the fandom. I will be sad for this one to be finished when I just found it.
2/22/2018 c3 17scully1138
Wow! First of all, I love the idea that the Machine’s last act may have been to try to save John. That really resonates.

And I’m so glad you set their reunion at the Baxter Street loft. It just seems appropriate that they would finally come together at the place that was Harold’s gift to John. And what a tumult of emotions! The joy at seeing each other again playing out along with the regrets and guilt and ultimate understanding between the two of them. I appreciate the elegance with which you crafted the complexity of that scene.

It just seems perfect that John and Harold are so much a part of each other that even their dreams are connected! I keep re-reading the ending when they finally admit their feelings for each other. It is so very beautiful and moving.

I love this story so much I truly didn’t want it to end. Thank you again for writing and sharing it.
2/21/2018 c2 scully1138
This feels very authentic to me. Harold and Grace were apart for a long time and Harold changed so much during his quest with the Machine and John. I imagine Grace evolved as well. Even if she could forgive him she could never really understand the man he is now, not the way John does.

If anyone could survive an onslaught of bullets AND an explosion it’s certainly John. He’s so strong and heroic that for me it’s actually more believable than the idea that he died on that rooftop. You really captured both his determination and his impatience at not being able to leave the hospital and search for Harold at once. That’s so John!

This is such a well-crafted and well-written story. Thank you for sharing it!
2/19/2018 c2 2Kurai's Calisto
Great story. I loved the description of the dreams and feeling, you did a good job on them. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I'll be waiting for the update!
2/18/2018 c1 17scully1138
Wow, this is certainly intense and very evocative. Your description of their dreams – surreal but with the sense that a great truth is just out of reach – captured me and drew me right into the story. What a unique and effective way to convey John and Harold’s unrealized longing for each other.

I especially love the last part, when John understands through his dream that he loves Harold and that gives him the strength to fight against the darkness so that he can return to the light and the man he loves. This is powerful stuff, and beautifully written.

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