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for Breaching Normality

8/26/2022 c13 Great story D
I love this entire series you’ve made!
One of my favorite book series, that includes original creations!

My favorite character thus far has to be Mephy. He deserves good things, and I hope his story is a happy one in this. The first time I read Reality Breach, you made me cry. Not much media has been able to do that. I do wonder what is happening right now. It sounds like the original Mephiles is communicating with him, taking control is some situations. A part of me wonders if maybe alternate Iblis could be in play. Never was mentioned in the first story, despite the connection between the two in the games. That’s just a random idea on my end though.

You’re stories just catch me hook, line, and sinker.

Sabo, somehow. Is actually the only villain I’ve ever actually been excited to see be defeated. Other antagonists I usually feel indifferent about, or even like. Sabo though, he’s written so well that I actually dislike him! Love to hate sort of thing I suppose. Karma collected it’s due.

It looks like he isn’t going to stay in jail though, so that will be interesting.

I am very excited to see wherever this will go!
6/29/2021 c13 dianapinto19041
I have a crazy theory, spoiler alert, it is true that doubles from another dimension are Shadow's creations, but, these, unlike sonic, Shadow and menphyles, their doubles are totally the opposite of them. The other doubles are very similar to the originals, which brings me to the next observation. If the doubles of the others are so similar to the originals, how is it possible that the double of spy is so sadistic and cruel. Has no sense. And another thing, if the memphiles from the other dimension were resurrected, who says the original menphyles didn't too? And if he really did survive, where is he? Is it hidden somewhere, or in someone? That is my theory, and you will have to connect the dots, I do not want to be very obvious and not say that what I say is official. But I guess we'll never know, since this story hasn't been updated in almost two years, so I'll just say, great story and sequel.
5/25/2021 c13 yorel
I hope to see more chapters
4/8/2021 c13 The Eccentric Nomad
No no no no nonno no!
Oh God! What is Zero doing in the same jail as Sabo?! Oh crud this is bad, very bad! And Mephiles is alive and is gaining powers like his duplicate I’m very worried for him. The poor guy is so confused. Nobody can seem to catch a break.

I like the idea of using the extra emerald and it turning into the phantom ruby, my theory for this story at least ️. This series is so good! Sorry to see it hasn't been updated in almost two years, but I’m sure you wanted a break from this hard-hitting story, and I remember you mentioning working at a hospital and being busy with that. I initially found your story “My Arms Are Blue” on AO3 and saw you here and recognized the writing style.

In any case, I look forward to your return!
P.S. rumors are spreading that FF may shut down, and I just wanted to warn you. I’d hate to see all your hard work disappear.
2/16/2021 c13 4jWatson-Holmes
this wonderful melting pot of chaos is just threatening to spill
2/16/2021 c11 jWatson-Holmes
Yoo Gadget, also trippy psychedelic things remaining trippy.
2/16/2021 c9 jWatson-Holmes
Oh Rosy (﹏)
2/15/2021 c5 jWatson-Holmes
Not our Jackal causing chaos again (ᴗ)
2/15/2021 c3 jWatson-Holmes
Oh my, chickens and a cliffhanger (ʘᴗʘ)
2/15/2021 c2 jWatson-Holmes
Nummy's come a long way! Look at him go :
10/12/2020 c13 12Cyan Quartz
Fuck. I was starting to hope that Chameleon was down for the rest of the series... Haha, you've got some sadistic timing.

I've been slowly reading your stories for, oh, the last year? Six months? Something like that. I even went to that other website you post on just to see if I missed anything. I read most of the zombie one, the one about Space Colony Ark, a few chapters of that Silver pet hedgehog one, a few others I can't remember...

But this trilogy and My Arms Are Blue have been my most favorite by far! In fact, now that I've finished this last chapter, I'm gonna go and reread My Arms Are Blue again! Obviously I'd be ecstatic to see it updated, but I understand if it never does. I've been on this site for about ten years, and I've seen alot of good stories bite the dust for a multitude of reasons.

The main thing that's important is that you're happy with whatever you've decided to do. And I do hope you and yours are doing well through all that's been happening! Be safe.
9/21/2020 c1 gorillablazers
Pretty good start.
5/31/2020 c13 silverthepast
Please man, we need you to continue with the story. If you're reading this, man, I telling you that we need you back. Right where the world is at, there's no greater time then to keep this adventure going! Don't give up on us man, because I read the reviews on this fic, and all of them I read just want more fantastic updates on this story. Trust us, we want more of the stuff you did in this story. And not to mention, you have a great amount of potencial in your hands, so let's not let it go to waste! Don't stop until this story is finished! Please! I hope I can review the chapters that I think surely will follow until it's conclusion! Stay safe, and remember what I said!
5/31/2020 c3 silverthepast
It might be too late to ask, but can you please finish the story because I want to see what happens. Please, don't leave all your longtime reviewers and readers in the dark!
4/21/2020 c13 Guest
Just binged the entire series, can't wait for me!
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