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5/3 c1 Amaure
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
5/1/2020 c32 3osmiumpeach
I have to say, this is a very good ending - both for Beth and for this fanfiction :)

Not only Yalran is finally sharing control with Beth - and not just for activities that don't require her to talk to anyone - but Beth is staying with her for the time being. Furthermore, she finally seems to consider Beth as her equal - which is a huge improvement since, at first, Yalran only gave partial control to Beth and, even then, only for an extremely selfish reason: not wanting to infest a broken host and get bored.

To be honest, I was quite surprised how the story ended. Since we already know Beth was assigned to several yeerks, I was expecting her to be assigned to another yeerk at the last moment.(I won't complain about it, though. Beth is finally receiving the treatment she deserves from Yalran.)

I find it very interesting that Calgiss and Yalran are lovers. We already know that Beth will eventually be infested by Calgiss and that they develop a very strong bond together. Since it's virtually certain Calgiss will discover Beth used to be Yalran's host and that it took a long time for her to treat her decently, I wonder how it will change the relationship between Calgiss and Yalran: will she understand why Yalran did that and forgive him or will she despise her for that?

Beth's last reflection about her and Yalran is also interesting. Though she acted like a jerk for a long time, Yalran doesn't seem to be a bad person: she was simply taught by the empire(and its culture) that she shouldn't care about her hosts and that, if she did care for them, she would be starved to death. This, of course, raises the question of how widespread this situation is in the empire. Though I'm sure some yeerks would always take the selfish route and never give any control to their hosts, I'm quite sure the majority would treat them decently and share control to some extent - after all, being given a voluntary host instead of an involuntary one is seen as a promotion.

All in all, this was a very good fanfiction from start to finish and I can't wait for the sequel and your other projects.
4/8/2020 c32 56Animorphgirl
A solid ending, and nice introduction (well, kind of) to Beth's second Yeerk. I can only imagine how he will react-at least internally-when he receives the former host of his Yeerk partnership!
3/14/2020 c31 Animorphgirl
Poignant chapter. Took Yalran long enough, but she's finally registered that it's not the right of a Yeerk to enslave another sentient being. And, as you know, I am a pretty big advocate of infestation-as long as it's voluntary and the relationship between the Yeerk and the host attempts to be equal. Since this part of the story is coming to a close in the next chapter, I wonder whether certain things will be, if not resolved, at least handled. For example, the book club idea? Will Beth's next Yeerk take on that project? Additionally, since Helen is now a Controller, will her Yeerk have to keep up the pretense of being friends with Beth? I could see them doing this, but their Yeerks talking about Yeerk things when no one was around-and minimal fun socialization without it working towards The Sharing. Fewer movie and mall outings, for one thing.

Looking forward to the conclusion. I have high hopes for it! :)
3/13/2020 c31 25godfreyraphael
Not gonna lie, reading this chapter was something like watching a horror movie or one of those jumpscare videos. I'm expecting Yalran to suddenly do something terrible to Beth anytime in the chapter, and then by the time I get to the end... nothing. Yalran really does let Beth walk out of her room and talk to her family without (much) intervention. But judging by how close we are to the end of the story (apparently), the real tragedy is just around the corner.
3/13/2020 c31 3osmiumpeach
I am so happy for Beth right now. She finally had the chance to be herself and talk to her family - something she hadn't been allowed to do for months. It's quite sad it was so stressful for her and that she had to get help from Yarlan - but, I guess, this aspect will improve with time as she becomes more used to talk to her relatives.

It appears that, in a way, Beth's idea had more impact on Yalran than her. While Yalran apparently expected Beth to understand and accept the involuntary infestations - or, at least, agree the necessity of it -, it was Yalran who understood what being an involuntary truly mean for Beth: being deprived of her amazing body and the amazing world she lives in; maybe she even realize that, for Beth, being under constant control and trapped in her own body is very close to what Yalran is experiencing when she's in the pool.

Now more than ever, I'm convinced Yalran isn't a bad person. She seems to understand how Beth is feeling and feel guilty about it. She might not have cared about it earlier or bothered to do anything about it but, given how she acted in the last chapters, I think this has more to do with how the empire raised her than her personality: if the empire didn't forbid sympathy or taught never to give control to her hosts, I'm convinced Yalran would care about her hosts and share control with them. Not to mention how, while speaking with Kessam, Yalran seemed to genuinely care about Beth.

It's quite sad this isn't going to last forever and that Beth is bound to be infested by another yeerk - who, I guess, will not be as "kind" as Yalran currently is.
2/26/2020 c30 3Kharina1990
This was such a great chapter. The complexities of Beth's emotions for Yalran and Yalran's towards Beth are so difficult to navigate but done so well here: Beth's simultaneous empathy for Yalran's situation and her involuntary status and friendship with Helen really feel like they pull both ways in the narrative and the lead up to Beth's decision to start to fight Yalran again was brilliantly done.

I also loved the Pool scenes and the relationship between Kessam and Yalran: you did a great job of showing that while Yalran likes her, the context of the Empire makes it really difficult for them to trust each other. I also felt very sorry for the Yeerks here with the horrible blaring speakers and the (likely intentional on their leaders' part) culture that's developed about not talking, so they have to have a host to feel connection as well. There is a bit of an issue with the original Animorphs story of portraying the Yeerk's lack of some senses as the sole reason they feel they need to enslave others, which is a bit problematic in view of human disabilities. I felt you really showed a different, more complex and better side to it here: that it is the toxic Empire culture that makes them feel their own bodies aren't enough and compels them to feel they must take hosts, as they are very isolated otherwise. After all, Yalran seemed pretty happy in her childhood memories before she took a host but where she was allowed that connection with others.

Overall a really interesting and well written take on a complex chapter here. Loved it!
2/25/2020 c30 25godfreyraphael
Yeah, we're gonna see how Beth ended up the way she did in The Mending, aren't we? Poor Beth. But Yalran also doesn't seem to understand (or doesn't want to understand) what Beth's trying to tell her. The next chapter is definitely going to suck for both Beth and Yalran.
2/23/2020 c30 56Animorphgirl
Interesting and powerful chapter. Yalran definitely seems to either be in denial, or completely ignorant, to the fact that having a host doesn't need to mean taking over their body and their life. As Beth reflects later, if the Yeerks had been open and let humanity come to them on their terms, the war could have been avoided. And, really, Yalran is still being very selfish by taking control of Beth all this time, and recruiting others to be treated in the same way. I hope this gets resolved before Beth receives another Yeerk. Great chapter, overall.
11/29/2019 c29 3osmiumpeach
Well, at least Helen is a voluntary host and(hopefully) will remain so - that's better than being an involuntary and never given control.
To be honest, as much as I understand why Beth would be angry at Yalran for impersonating her, I think this was the best thing to do - and not just because it prevented Helen from being an involuntary. Had Beth being allowed to talk to her friend, she would have been in a situation where she would have two choices: tell the truth or lie to her friend about what being a controller is like.
If she chose the first option, she would forever blame herself for making Helen an involuntary host and making her trapped into her own body while, if she chose the second one, she would blame herself for lying to Helen and tricking her into joining the Sharing. Yalran impersonating her allow Beth to blame Yalran for making Helen a controller instead of blaming herself.

I find it quite interesting that Beth want to understand what being a yeerk is like and ask Yalran to show her what her life is like.
11/8/2019 c29 56Animorphgirl
Intense chapter. Tellarin isn’t necessarily bad at recruiting voluntary hosts, but she’s nothing like Talen from Kharina’s Collaborator. I imagine that Talen has a considerably higher success rate with her approach. As for Helen finding out that Yalran was in control the whole time, it seems unlikely. Imliss would want to keep her in the dark, and unless they feed at the same time, Helen won’t find out Beth’s involuntary status until after the war.

I look forward to seeing how Beth reacts to Yalran’s memories. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Yalran fails to convince her?

As far as when it’s enough for the number of Yeerks—until every Yeerk can have a good host. Probably one Yeerk for every several thousand humans.
10/17/2019 c28 25godfreyraphael
Ah well, here we go. Josie (or Jodie, I can't really remember) is definitely going to become an involuntary (unless the Yeerk assigned to her is a bit more sympathetic than others of their kind). Darren (or whatever the younger boy's name is) sounds like he'd love to be a voluntary but who knows what kind of Yeerk he's going to get. And Helen, well... she's in a really bad situation at the moment. Sure, she called out Yalran but, like Animorphgirl said, there's no stopping Yalran from pretending to be Beth. Unless Helen demanded the Yeerk get out of Beth's head, and Yalran's probably not going to do that. And Tellarin may or may not agree to it seeing as Helen is still very much a viable host for the Empire. Everything's about to come to a head, and the results won't be pretty, methinks.
10/17/2019 c28 56Animorphgirl
Powerful chapter, especially the ending. I wonder how Yalran will react to being called out. Granted, she can pretend to be Beth...
9/21/2019 c27 3osmiumpeach
So this is then, then. Helen and Caleb are becoming controllers - and, this time, nothing will save them at the last moment.
All we can do now is to hope they become voluntary hosts and/or get a nice yeerk as to be treated decently by their yeerks.

I can't wait to see how they will react to the news and how they will see Beth before realizing the yeerks have total control over the host's movements - will they be angry that she lied to them and lured them in the Sharing without telling the truth or will they guess she was, in one way or another, coerced into doing that?
Another thing I'm quite eager to see is how they will see Beth after their infestation - especially if they become involuntary hosts and meet Beth in the cages.
9/14/2019 c27 56Animorphgirl
Another cliffhanger! I cannot imagine what Helen's reaction would be. Or other potential members. Then again, at this point, they might just think it's a code word or a type of secret language that full members use after they're official in The Sharing. Anyway...you did well with showing Beth's concern with Yalran communicating directly with Kessam in the Pool. Something you could develop in future chapters, either with Yalran being the one to explain it, or another Yeerk. I appreciate Beth's concern with Yalran mating and being taken away from her. As well as Yalran's response that implies that Yeerk partnerships are kind of like human ones-except for the obvious pieces-and don't result in grubs for many, many years. I am looking forward to seeing how Helen reacts to what being a full member truly entails.
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