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for The Night with no Moon

Im Ace too~ so that makes this exstra exciting!
That last line was totally a undertale referance!
8/27 c13 Marysia856
Your story is so good! I love ace Harry and understanding Honey! They are adorable together! Thank you for not giving up and writing more! You are amazing!
8/16 c13 May
This chapter was amazing as is the rest of your story, please update! Also thank you so much for writing this story it makes me really happy every time i read it :)
8/6 c5 MadamKhaos
Lmfao about the spell! Poor Harry also got called an Uke by a little girl. He is so far behind on Japanese pop culture that he will never catch up with these small details.
8/2 c9 Khenzani
I love the crossover with BNHA when you injected Izuku in. I really love what you're doing with the story.
7/28 c13 Tetradical
7/23 c13 Guest
I am so glad u are back, even if updates may not be regular. This is one of the few stories I will come back to and reread. I have always wanted to see a how this story will unfold. :)
7/16 c13 kirsty21
7/13 c13 forestreject
7/9 c13 misherukuro
Thanks for continuing to share your awesome writing.
7/9 c13 6Tigerseye-and-Padfoot
Wait wait wait! "Upcoming pain"? My poor babies! (Or rather, your poor babies XD) I have never read a fic where Harry was specifically Ace and I absolutely love it and feel seen!
7/9 c13 6era-romance
well...that answers that...sort of.
7/9 c12 era-romance
k not complaining or speaking out just a thought: if one part of your soulmate pair is aro or ace and the other isn't, could they really be soulmates...as in their other half/generally want the same things in life/complete each other? just asking cause you've made your harry ace already (or at least potentially...also possible he's just a later bloomer when it comes to sexual attraction. again not complaining...pretty sure I'm aro myself so...yah) but mitsukuni seems to want it all...just foresee a lot of inner conflict coming because of it. just saying
regardless I'm thoroughly enjoying the story and am glad you updated
7/9 c5 era-romance
prince of tennis harupin cameo lol cute
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