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7/28/2020 c1 28miniandminie
A lovely take on this scene! I really liked the relationship between the two, it was very appropriate and really fit the time frame. And I can definitely see the rest of them (Mad-Eye included!) scheming to get them together. I love how they drew back at the end, it really fits. You did a wonderful job with this!
5/25/2020 c1 2magdalenehawthorne
Just wonderful 3 thank you for writing!
3/2/2020 c1 Athena2019
This is so lovely and perfectly characterized - just how I imagine they would be during this time!
10/2/2019 c1 Guest
Nice! I enjoyed this read. Loved the story Tonks gives about the “banshee”. Very cute lol!
2/22/2019 c1 Guest
I love reading your stories!
8/29/2018 c1 75bikelock28
I've read a lot of your stories in the past couple of days- some fit my headcannon and some don't but they are all FANTASTIC. You have a great ear for tone and I really enjoy how you write Sirius. I will review more of you stories over the next few days (or, more realistically, weeks).

Anyway, this story. LOVED IT. Tony really well-balanced between angst and sweetness, and the fragility of the situation felt very real. Your characterisation is great; very typical of Molly to stick her nose in and you managed Lupin's understated avoidance of difficult subjects very well.
My favourite lines were, "he still has that achingly kind, understanding smile that turns her heart over", "We've been set up" "Haven't we just" and "They're talking again. They were always good at that. Merlin, she's missed this".
A brilliant, bittersweet story. I'm looking forward to re-reading and reviewing more of yours :)
5/1/2018 c1 Msria
I love this! Such a lovely story and so exciting to see a new piece from you!
4/28/2018 c1 4Taura Norma
This is a lovely fic! So glad that you're writing more Remus and Tonks stories :)
4/22/2018 c1 Kaz
Love to see you back! And love this story. So sweet and charming!
4/17/2018 c1 Guest
what a lovely update! so happy you’ve come back to write a few more stories (i’ve liked your stories for a long time but this is one of my first reviews - shocking!). Thankyou!
3/19/2018 c1 Guest
oh this is sooo wonderful! heart breaking! i loved it!
2/27/2018 c1 3Sophinna
Absolutely gorgeous and so, so real. your portray Remus' inner struggle over Tonks and simultaneous need to always be polite, cordial and supportive without giving the wrong impression so well and I love it. Incredibly heartfelt and heartbreaking. On a side note, I'm so glad someone is still writing about these two!
2/19/2018 c1 41Kuri333
This is sooo beautiful.
(Thanks for the thanks btw)

One thing I love about this is how you make it both canon and unpredictable. I had no clue what would happen or even, at first, if Tonks would be there ir not!

And that's just wonderful.

And the other thing I love:
"They're nice biscuits. Molly probably keeps a supply handy in the pantry for the emotionally disturbed whenever they pop by."

That made me actually Lol, which woke up my barely-asleep baby. But no regrets there.

Thanks, thank you so much!
2/19/2018 c1 2Gerenuk
This was lovely. I really love your writing, you capture the characters so well.
2/19/2018 c1 3A. Reader08
Amazing. I had tears in my eyes
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