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7/14/2021 c2 lucel18
Ooooooh, I’m loving where you’re taking this fic. Thank you!
7/14/2021 c1 lucel18
Awesome start! Thank you!
3/1/2020 c2 JMai
While the time travelling concept isn't new, this is so interesting because it's not through death's door that Yona has returned to the past but rather through the love of her people and her dragons. I'm also interested to see how she can achieve a greater peace when she's so young in this timeline and how she will gather the dragons and Yoon.

I really hope that you decide to one day to return to this and we can see where this story goes.
10/3/2018 c2 kuromeen
This is already so interesting. The way you've started makes me hope that something really good can come out of this story. I hope you update when the time is right for you
10/2/2018 c2 laurajustin
Great story! Can't wait for the next update!
9/18/2018 c1 Zee
this was really good! I can't wait to see where you go with this!
(also...I adore thursdayplaid's The Wee Doctor!)
9/19/2018 c2 1Kuro-Okami2588
at this point, it should dawn on her that this definantly IS NOT a dream and she should probably explain small details (not giving away enough information for them to work with without her being in the center and in charge of change) about the future or rather what shes been through with mundok and her father (and only them) so they can help her find the dragons and hak. mostly hak. (at least, thats how id play it...)
9/4/2018 c1 6BRKe
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9/2/2018 c1 bDdrS
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8/23/2018 c2 Guest
So, assuming this isn’t a dream, Il now knows and Soo-won suspects something? Well that just kills half the fun, but I’ll see where this goes. Hopefully I won’t have to wait another six months, heh.
8/21/2018 c1 4Yona0
That was...amazing. Its been a while since I last read an AnY fic, so thank you for creating this! Time-travel usually creates such an interesting turn of events. I look forward to reading this!
8/9/2018 c1 4Shion Lee
Holy shit this sounds reaaaally interesting . Please continue!
7/9/2018 c1 1Kuro-Okami2588
6/29/2018 c1 9yqclockwork
This is a very great prologue. Overall, good characterization. Looking forward to it. XD
4/10/2018 c1 Guest
This is an amazing fic and I honestly can’t wait to read more. The blessings the dragons have them, im curious to see what they mean and how yona will meet with them again.
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