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for RWBY: Black Rebellion - Act II

5/9 c6 Guest
11/27/2021 c5 Divine Blizzard
I sure can't wait for the rewrite. While it certainly has been a while since this announcement, I will continue waiitng.
6/18/2021 c4 3Axel Magnus
Now that's a cliffhanger.
2/23/2021 c1 omega12
geass symbol under the black knight symbol code geass
11/24/2020 c3 14WwEpsilonwW
So even Ruby knows what happens when you drop the soap. Interesting.
10/24/2020 c5 ManticoreBlues
will you do the rewrite over the original or as new "fanfictions"? also can't wait to read the rewritten version, I'm sad your rewriting because I love the fanfiction as is but the fact this is one of my favorite fanfictions I've ever read and that your not satisfied with it leaves me with little doubt the rewrite will be just as good If not better
8/19/2020 c5 13J the Rider
Some of these ideas are sound, except for the Haven one in my opinion. I really don’t like this one. While it would be nice to see Rouge on his own adventures, that unfortunately means we’d lose the sibling dynamic between Rouge, Ruby, and Yang, which were some of my favorite parts In the original. Other stuff we’d lose that I really liked were Rouge’s interactions with Blake and him calling Weiss out on her racist bullshit. That was one of my favorite parts of the story. I also much preferred him on his own. It’s just my personal preference, it just feels like having him on a team while doing his Zero stuff would just needlessly complicate things. And one other thing we’d most likely lose is Blake joining Zero. I really liked this, though that’s probably just me being biased since Blake is my favorite character.

I won’t go as far as to say the first act was perfect though, as there were stuff in that story I really didn’t like. Such as Sienna Kahn being male instead of female and Adam being a double agent. I’m sorry, but Adam being revealed to be a double agent Working for Zero just felt out of place and kind of forced in my opinion. But the first act still had allot of stuff I really liked, such as Rouge’s interactions with team RWBY and him even playing around with what to do with Jaune since he knew his transcripts were false.

This is mostly a me problem I get that, but I’m much more of a fan of when AR or outside characters are in Beacon because anywhere else just feels alien to me. With Beacon, it would at least be characters I’m familiar with and really like. But when we’re somewhere else, it would just be a bunch of OC characters I don’t really care all that much about. I’m not saying I dislike OC characters in general, I do have some favorite ones by authors I like and some who are friends and acquaintances of mine, but they just aren’t my cup of tea allot of the time, especially when the story is over populated with them.

Am I saying you shouldn’t make the changes you brought up, no, absolutely not. It’s your story, you can write whatever you feel is right for the story. But these just aren’t changes that really sit well with me personally. But that’s just my opinion.
8/7/2020 c5 8TazalTerminals
I recommend going to Archive of Our Own since spacebattles can be worse then Fanfic in terms of toxicity. And the admins are a bit...trigger happy.

But the decision is up to you in the end. Sorry for all the ppl bugging you about updates. Hope it doesnt turn you off from writing on Seventh Heaven.

Good luck with your day pal. Take care and cya later until the next update. :)
8/2/2020 c4 T0KY0 D4RK
“Sprays of bullets and hoards of rockets came racing down upon the Diabolos, yet Edan was weaving through it all with fluid movements, making it seem as though the Knightmare was dancing. And the few projectiles that he was unable to avoid, to the amazement of those watching, were cleanly sliced to pieces with swift, fluid strokes from his sword. The weapon cut through the bullets and missiles like a hot knife through butter. Its lethal capabilities made more evident by the skill it was wielded.”

"Okay, so what's the plan here?" Yang asked cautiously. "We ask whoever's inside to come out nicely, or we drag him out kicking and screaming?” / "Depends if we can catch up to him and hold him down." Weiss said analytically as she ran through plans in her head. "You saw how fast that thing is. And it's destructive capabilities are no joke.”

Thankfully for her, it seemed backup arrived. The sound of metal striking concrete registered in her ears right as the surrounding area became filled with smoke. Blake found herself choking and coughing, the smoke burning her eyes and finding it hard to breathe.

Looking through the monitor, he saw that two of the swords stabbed into the Knightmare's back. While they didn't penetrate all the way through the torso and cockpit, they were deep enough to remain stationary. Attached to the blades were near invisible strings that were connected to Penny's backpack, allowing her to hitch a ride and gradually close the distance between them. / "Clever girl. But no hitchhikers!” With a swift motion from his sword, he cut through the threads.


*sniff* Ah, yes… *breathes* COMPETENCE PORN (or whatever counts for it in the world of RWBY).
8/4/2020 c5 DonVitoM
I don't know how much I like the Heaven idea, mostly because Rouge should focus primarily on interactions with team RWBY. Personally I'd have put Rouge in team CFVY, to replace one of the less important characters. But I'm willing to see what you do with it :)
8/4/2020 c5 2KuroAlice
I think the best team name I can think of would be RAHS, which could be pronounced as “rust” but that may be a bit of a stretch. Trying to follow the color association rule in RWBY can be very difficult but idk if you’ve decided to follow that of are going with whatever. Also the other team name I thought of, RASH, sounds kinda disgusting
8/3/2020 c5 soumilplays03
yeah I kinda knew that this series was mostly dead/dying. Lelouch going to haven academy is definitely an interesting idea (even if I personally don't like it that much). looking forward to the reboot!
8/3/2020 c5 3NeroAlmia
(WARNING: My English's rusty, I'm in a sleep deprivation-induced hype, I'm sorry for all my mispellings, bad grammar, yadda yadda yadda.)

Understandable. Even with a lot of help, updating all of your stories would be truly a difficult challenge. And we can't forget that Daemon of Wrath has his/her own stories to update (if he/she wants or feel like writing it, of course).

Well, regardless of what happens, I wish you luck with everything... And call dibs in any story on your profile if you don't show any signals of life after two years :) ... I'm kidding. Even if I were to do it, i'll probably have an even worst update schedule than you xD (Last time I updated anything, it was arround... 4 years ago? Crap. Need to do something about that. I know! I'll do... Nothing. Yeah. Sounds perfect.).

Ultimately, you have ANY say in EVERY one of your stories. And how do you manage them. So, if a reader feels entitled or outraged at your lack of updates, just kindly ask them to shut the fuck up. I mean, you probably heard this a lot, but they could easily write their own stories, or fuck it, blalantly copy and modify your story in order to write what they want to see. I mean, this IS Fanfiction. A site in wich you can write everything you want to write about a pre-existent franchise or story and all that shit. Writing a Fanfic of a fanfic doesn't sound too weird... So yeah, don't mind the the readers. Including me.

Lastly... Yeah, your idea sounds good. It's rarely seen in this site (Don't know if it's more common in SB or AO3, this is the only place I read Fanfics) stories happening on differents academies in the RWBY fandom. It's always more easier to just stay close to canon than make drastic changes to the world. Even when they say that they're going to mess up canon, most of time they just change minor details while keeping the main events exactly like in canon, with MAYBE an extra character in one/both sides, with the excuse of that being a change of tides that will make Beacon fall more easily or avoid the fall... And forgetting the whole point of it when the Vytal Tournament happens and bla bla bla, it happens exactly like canon but Pyhrra and Roman lives because everyone loves Arkos and everyone loves Roman and Cinder suddently can't plan even to save her fucking ass.

So, it will be a nice change of pace. Ultimately, Rouge is unnecesary in Vale, and a lot of important sub-plots in the original ARC 1 could shine if they have more time spent in them. You could focus more on how the worlds moves in Remnant, in Rouge perspective, the power plays that were a huge part of CG, new characters, etc. And it wil be a nice change to see even a small change in personality and perspective on either Ruby or Yang thanks to Rouge's existence. That was one of the points that I disliked about Black Rebellion. If you have an extra sibling, it WILL be changes in their mindsets. They were... Too much canon imo. Almost as if nothing changed with the sudden inclusion of an extra sibling. At one point I even tought that RWBY's world adapted itself to accept Lelouch presence as something natural without actually changing the overall timeline or something like that... But yeah, try to keep in mind that as a tip (even if I'm no one to either suggest or give tips, or to ask anything out of you that would kill your muse). Hell. I'm pretty sure that at more than just ONE point Nunally was aware of Lelouch doing something related to the Black Knights at some point in the first season. She knew him, better than almost anyone, so despite trying to be blissfully unaware, I'm sure that she suspected something. So it would be weird if they don't either change by the inclusion... Or if they don't suspect anything. Besides, Ruby and Yang will change with the lack of presence of a constant in their lives. Ultimately, Ruby didn't felt too alone thanks to Yang in canon (The friends in the 2nd or 3rd chapter that Ruby was writing? Who cares about them?), but now?... I don't think so. And I don't think that Yang wouldn't feel even a bit anxious over her brother studying literally on another Kingdom.

...I was going to just show support, but I ended up ranting about the average RWBY Fandom's fanfic writer, and thd relationships between the siblings. Huh...
...Well, take care of yourself or something like that.
8/3/2020 c5 ewertondragon10
if you are going to put spacebattles on the site, you can watch the fanfic there.

to be good and better for you to make a better story so it’s worth and worth it.

what a shame Lelouch's team doesn't have a woman.

good luck your life and your fanfic.
8/3/2020 c5 2EvanderAdvent
I’ve heard Spacebattles can be pretty toxic too. Plus since it’s a forum pretty much anything someone says can be seen by everyone. Maybe try Ao3 or Sufficient Velocity?
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