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for My Grand Finale

3/14 c1 LadyDraco87
Wow you sure went off with a bang!* examines gun* Well my friend I'm glad you you did this, I'm going through a dry spell, but I will miss you. *tearfully waves goodbye as I leave a beautiful golden rose here*
2/23 c1 34reychop
That was beautiful. Gave me quite a laugh. So sad to see you go though. Will you be moving on from fanfiction alone or will you still be writing? If so, do keep us posted on your status. :) Your fanfics have been part of my high school and college life. Though entering med school has left me very little time for fanfics too (but I can never bring myself to fully close my account so I never wrote any goodbyes, I liked to think that my foray into med school is just putting my writing on a very long "hiatus"). I can definitely understand why you'd stop (if life events get in the way).

Hopefully things will turn out good for you. If you can, keep writing! Even if you're not going to post it, keep writing! Write and write til the end. Truly, a writer's death is with his pen. There can be no greater honor than that. Thanks again for your fanfics and may you find success in your new life pursuits. :) It's been really fun too. :)

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