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5/6 c7 Guest
5/6 c7 Guest
I am listening to Castle on the hill right now. It was also a lesson that we had in English and then i thought about how much talent you have to relate this song to the The Gallagher Girls. You have an amazing gidt. Put it to great use. Can't wait for the next chapter and the Zammie reunion. Update soon! xxx
5/3 c7 Hersheylife
HEY! Sorry, I haven’t been able to read fan fiction for a while, so I just read all of your updates. I really like the story, you do a great job. To be honest, i don’t really like that there is a lot of really intense language, but I am not trying to bash your story at all! It is just a matter of opinion. I will definitely still read the new updates, and i hope you update soon. Bye!
4/29 c7 Dreamer0704
4/28 c7 3BritishBombshell007
The fact that Zach is so good with the kids and has such a connection with them makes me tear up as cheesy as that sounds haha. LOVE IT! KEEP WRITING IT’s AMAZING XX
4/28 c7 5GallagherGirlsEmbassyRowFan
So cute. Almost made me want to cry. I just hope that they can be together soon you can just see their love for one another. Love it.
4/28 c7 bookslover777
Okay that was so sweet! Can't wait for the next update.
4/27 c7 Guest
Plz continue!
4/22 c6 2theanxietyqween
Let her test out the waters first, better safe than sorry. Can't wait for your next update!
4/12 c6 Guest
Plz comtinue!
It is best that she test the waters in my opinion...
4/5 c6 Guest7
And they were roommates!
Oh my God they were roommates?!
Just a little vine(rip) humor
Cammie should definitely make Zach work for the kids, like she doesn't know if she can trust him yet. Bit Zach isn't a great doctor if he can't put together that Morgan and Matthew have his genes! I can't believe, well I sorta can- you're a great author, how well the story plays into the song. Can't wait for the next chapter, more zammie and, your new story! Update!
4/5 c6 Guest
Zach shoulda told her the truth. Josh is not the father. Took him a while to work that out. How long till he finds out that Morgan and Matt are his. THEY ARE HIS BLOODY KIDS!
I feel sorry for Cam cos shes alone. When will there be a Zammie reunion
4/5 c6 3BritishBombshell007
*cue dramatic sighing* this story makes my heart beat... I LOVED how Zach is with the kids (even though he doesn’t know it yet which I think is good as it will make the reveal even more shocking) and the ZAMMIE! Don’t get me started- your amazing just like this. Update as soon as you can. Don’t worry if it takes a bit of time, just go at your own pace and let me reassure you that these chapters don’t seem rushed at all! Can’t wait to see what happens next :) x
4/1 c5 BritishBombshell007
HOLY FICKING SHIT! IS THE FATHER WHO I THINK THE FATHER IS AHHHHH PLOT TWIST! This is quickly becoming one of my fave stories. PLEASE update soon. I don’t think I can survive not knowing Cammies reaction! X
4/1 c5 5GallagherGirlsEmbassyRowFan
Oooohhhhh! They've seen each other now.
What will happen now and has Cam moved on?
One thing i am going to guess is that the kids are Zach's and Cammie's.
How will Cam react to seeing Zach?
Will he tell her the real reason he left?
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