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for Driving at 90

3/20 c4 4EverAGallagherGirl
I can't wait for the Zammie reunion!
3/20 c4 Guest7
Oh my gosh! Please please please update! This is so good! How your interpreting the song, after every chapter it leaves me on my toes!
2/27 c3 AngryReviewer
Don't mark it as Zach and Cammie (zammie) if Cammie and Zach don't end up together!
2/27 c3 Guest
I really love this story and have been waiting for an update. Update soon please! I can’t wait to see the reunion with Grant
2/27 c3 Guest
Has cammie moved on?
Will she be able to forgive?
Will Zach ever tell anyone the real reason why he left?
Dying to know!
2/24 c2 Hersheylife
I really love your story, it is so amazing. Update fast, because I don’t think I can survive without another chapter soon! Thanks
sooo that was unexpected! six years?!bI feel like this story is going to be so good. Update soon I'm loving it.
2/24 c2 Zammiexx
Will zach and cammoe meet and will they still love each other. Can't wait to see what happens when he sees his friends again.
Will Cammie have moved on?
Well we'll just have to wait and see.
2/23 c1 GallagherGirls
This is actually really sad. What happens when Zach and Cammie meet again. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Wow! At first I wasn't so sure about this fanfic, but that ending changed my mind. I was not expecting Zach to break up with Cammie, especially so harshly. Now I'm intrigued and want an update!
2/22 c1 Guest
This story is already so captivating! I can’t wait to read more of it
2/22 c1 Guest
Ok this is good. Like really good! Please update soon :)
2/22 c1 BBB5903
Really interested to see where this goes. Keep writing please.

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