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3/30/2018 c3 5AgentMorganB-006
"Sooo... how long have you two been dating?" That's hilarious! Even though you only gave a little information on Bruce he just kind of seamlessly integrated into the mix. Good job ;)
2/23/2018 c1 AgentMorganB-006
Your writing is very good, and I appreciate the fact that you won't be using vulgar language or suggestive themes (it's very refreshing really). Juliet is okay with her son putting on the same charade that almost broke her and Shawn up for good? How are the uniforms ridiculous? What is up with this Autumn girl? Did Steve inherit his "gift", did Shawn put him through all tye "stupid" hat game, or did he spend too much time with grandpa Henry (whom you'd think would have learned his lesson the first time round)? Besides the missing word "is" in one of the last sentences, this is very well written. Can't wait for the rest ;)

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