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for The Bloody Oracle of Kiri

2/27 c12 Inanityt
It's wildly infuriating that the heroine is so weak and a pathetic Kakashi can infiltrate her lab.
2/26 c43 BrightShadowWolf31
Loved this chapter, love this book.

That last note about hit a bit hard, I wish I had said "I love you" to my mum before she left this releam and moved on to her loved ones on the other side.
2/23 c43 X.Creature.X.EnchainedX
Oh my gosh I'm so excited to see you back! I can't wait to read more of this, but glad to hear that you've made time for yourself. Take care and we'll be here when inspiration hits you!
2/21 c43 Soft Scratch
Hoho, you think you can escape receiving our love and appreciation and concern for your well being by simply not stating what happened? You fool! Of course you will still get that! At least from me anyways. Hope everything is fine and you’re doing well. I always get worried when someone stops uploading suddenly, so it’s great to see you’re back!
2/20 c3 rian.mcb0
Thank you author-san
2/20 c2 rian.mcb0
Fantastic story, congratulations.
2/19 c43 1Curse.Doll
I'm glad to see you back on here and okay! I was thinking about you and this fic a couple weeks ago and was hoping you were doing okay. I hope the new routine truly benefits you!
2/19 c43 Leilahoho
Yayy new chapter, thanks for updating hope you been doing well
2/17 c43 paink1ller
Im sorry to hear that times are rough, glad you are doing something to put a structure in your life with a routine!

Love the story interested to see how this goes with Rei, I hope more interactions with the Leaf are soon and id love for Sute ending up there somehow
2/17 c43 Re'Lar
It’s so good to see you back! It’s always a delight to get a new chapter! Excited to see this continued! _
2/16 c43 aphii
I'm happy you're back. Thanks for updating.
2/16 c43 Guest
Kudos! Thanks for the update
2/16 c43 kalessL
Glad, to see this story updated.
forgot quite a bit, had to re-read last chapters to get back into it.
2/16 c43 RIOSHO
Welcome back! Cant wait for the next chapter We missed Sute.
2/15 c43 Pixarl
I was very surprised by the update, but I'm excited to know that it's still going on.

I look forward to seeing how sute grows, along with her abilities and how long she will stay hidden.
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