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for The Bloody Oracle of Kiri

1/3/2023 c41 Guest
This is pretty good! I have read lots of si oc stories, but they pale in comparison to yours. I'm glad you decided to make an oc who has screwed up morals. Reading oc having emotional breakdown over everything takes the fun away.
Hope you update soon.
11/20/2022 c1 Toothless23
EDIT: I meant to ask about the 'Forest sage mode ' which hashirama uses. Since wood is nature itself
11/20/2022 c41 Toothless23
Lol! Everyone but Utakata have figured out she's still alive !
Has Sute ever thought of infiltrating the leaf village? She might find something about mokuten or Fuiinjutsu!
Speaking of which didn't the first hokage use sage mode in the fourth war without a contract? It's something which comes along with mokuten I'm assuming. I can't wait for her to be even more badass now that she will be a 'False Positive'
Gai meeting her is utterly hilarious ! I wonder if she's still going to be in-character
Hope she meets Kakashi again! And maybe traumatize Shishui a little more?
I love how you have written Sute ! She's the perfect level of craziness along and every interaction is special!
Is she going to meet her stalker? I actually think it was Obito who sent her flowers! Because who else is crazy enough to do that?
Super Excited for you! Hope you update soon
11/20/2022 c28 Toothless23
This was the best arc ever! Everything was just perfect with the right amount of craziness! I love how Sute traumatizes everyone she meets! (Poor Shishui)
Hope she meets Kakashi again!
11/20/2022 c7 Toothless23
This chapter was awesome! Sute using mokuten to trip one the most graceful ninjas ever
I admit I had to reread this to figure out!
11/11/2022 c34 2M.lingard
Shiromi is annoying.
9/12/2022 c41 revgrave
Damn i literally speedrun your story because how good it is
9/11/2022 c41 sid.k97
That was a cool Chapter. Since she's so obsessed with seals? Will she ever learn hirashin?or something similar?
Can't wait for your next chapter
9/10/2022 c41 thegoldenfox951
Please update
9/3/2022 c29 g0dgr1d
That's kinda stupid decision of Sute
9/3/2022 c28 g0dgr1d
She's still dead
9/3/2022 c27 g0dgr1d
Sooooo, is Kushina alive? Or is she dead?
I remember from the previous chapters that Minato gets killed, not saying that Kushina as well, I think
9/2/2022 c7 g0dgr1d
That stay away from caves really got me lmao
9/2/2022 c2 g0dgr1d
I've got to agree with you on this one. Infant brains could not handle the complex processes of a fully mature mind.
8/26/2022 c2 Amaryllis-lover
THANK YOU. An infants brain can not comprehend the knowledge of another person's full life. I hate how in most reincarnation fanfics, they magically can know everything from their past life. Those memories should be seen through the eyes and brains of the body they are in.
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