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for The Bloody Oracle of Kiri

3/13/2018 c3 11MorteSangriz
Sute is such an interesting character! I know we haven't seen much of her so far but I really like what I've read so far. She has a lot of potential, especially if we consider the fact that she's in the Third Shinobi war era and that she's in Kiri as opposed to Konoha like a lot of other SI stories I've found.
I look forward to see what you have planned for this fic! Thank you for writing it! C:
3/13/2018 c3 3May525
Wow, so many long reviews... But anyways, I think I'm going to be liking these 'Crack-ish' moment's, like alot. I also like how it's dark-ish, realistic, heart felt(mostly the little things, in my opinion), and kind of humorous/satisfying. Ah man, you really do make great fanfics.
3/13/2018 c3 Northchild
This book is amazing! The latest chapter got me thinking, who exactly is Sute in her past life? Anyways, thanks for the amazing chapter
3/13/2018 c3 xenocanaan
I adore this story! It’s amusing and serious at the same time. It has some relatively disturbing/creepy moments that are realistic when it comes to Sute and what people’s minds are like in this type of environment. At the same time, it’s not so disturbing to the point I’d rather not read it. The fact that Sute manages to surprise just about everyone is another hilarious aspect. I can’t wait to read more!
3/12/2018 c3 11Thomas Drovin
I see that Sute was tolerated by her 'rescuers' only because she was smart enough to stay out of their way and not interfere. She's been brought to Mist Village and adopted by the Ringo Clan and she's going to be trained at their academy huh? From what I read she may do REAL good...however what the heck happened to her in the FIRST life to be so messed up? Its not often a CHILD can freak out Kisame with NOT being afraid of him and making him an offering of a toe!

I'm SO looking forward to what happens next! See you next update whenever you can manage it, but don't worry I'm VERY good at waiting for updates as I know that life outside this site normally is more important, so take your time. Cheers!
3/12/2018 c3 turtleverse1234
Oh my I did not expect to love this so much. Please update again soon!
3/12/2018 c2 Thomas Drovin
Well this chapter may have been short and too the point but it got a lot said about our young friend.

Obvious she came from THIS world and died to be reincarnated in the Naruto World, however as she was given the body and mind of an infant I can't blame her for her mind to take time to develop. She made an interesting if not miserable existence on the Battle Fields of the Third Ninja War...looting the dead, offering comfort for those about to die from their injuries. She's just a kid for now what else can she offer...however I see that Sute may have landed on her feet...kind of...her comforting of Juzo.

Who would have thought that they'd both find each other ALIVE? From what I read Juzo told her comrades about the 'cloud girl' but they probably doubted her existence until then. Now that they HAVE her the question is WHAT to do with her? The Seven Mist Swordsmen are NOT the nicest bunch so they won't go easy on her that's for sure...I'll read on and find out just HOW Sute will fit in. Onwards!

PS: On thing I forgot to mention at the start of each chapter you forgot to put up a disclaimer, you know the type, its just before you actually start and you put a line under it to keep it separate: "I don't own Naruto, it belongs to (Insert name/s here). The only thing I own is Sute and any other characters I make up."

Just thought I'd mention it, keep up the good work! Cheers!
3/12/2018 c1 KadeBear
Fact. Chibi Kisame any other chibi Naruto adult characters. There's just something about seeing a scary ass Shark Man being a child is endearing. Plus imagine it you can go so many directions with him all we really know about Kisame is he's loyal and a bad ass. But what made him value loyalty so highly? Has he been shunned because of the way he looks? I just absolutely love this chapter.
P.s. Also just realized that Utakata is a main character in this I'm intrigued to see how and whenhis character will appear
Anyways sorry for the long review but thanks for the great chapter!
3/12/2018 c1 Thomas Drovin
Hi there! Your story caught my eye so I decided to read it and I have to say I LOVE THIS! Your SI/OC is a lovely difference from other stories, its obvious from what I read that there is more to Sute than meets the eye.

Everyone assumed as she was from Mist Village and with their 7 Swordsmen she was just as dangerous. However as Minato found out Sute didn't actually Butcher all her opponents she paralysed them with poisons and let her companions deal with them. As for HEALING the wounded perhaps she was saving them for interrogation, unfortunately she let the cat out of the bag when she saw Minato...although she got his name WRONG at the start. *Chuckles* Can you blame him for being puzzled?

Anyway I'll add this to my favourites list and see where this story goes ok? I think I'm going to like this story a lot! Onwards to the next chapter!
3/12/2018 c3 Warga
Was pretty legit chapter keep up good work. Do wish was updated more often but I'm also often told I'm terribly greedy so take that with a grain of salt.
3/12/2018 c3 Guest
Wow, just sooo cute she acted with kismet - loved it!
Like her personality, it just grows on one! 3 Also impressed with how she can be cute and childish and next more aware/planning :)
Looking forward to next chapter, and really hope you will continue this story, it has so much potential :D
3/9/2018 c2 Guest
I can't wait to see where this dtory goes! It sorta reminds me of 'It ends at dawn'!
3/4/2018 c2 Northchild
I think this SI is amazing and has a lot of potential. It is unique and I’m really really looking forward to the next chapter:)
3/4/2018 c2 Artificer of the Void
looking forward
3/3/2018 c2 The Absolutely Mad Mage
Cant wait for ze next chapter
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