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for The Bloody Oracle of Kiri

2/16 c43 RIOSHO
Welcome back! Cant wait for the next chapter We missed Sute.
2/15 c43 Pixarl
I was very surprised by the update, but I'm excited to know that it's still going on.

I look forward to seeing how sute grows, along with her abilities and how long she will stay hidden.
2/15 c43 Zaccai
Love the chapter thanks so much for the update!
2/15 c43 Ethloc
Thanks for the update!
2/15 c43 Crash 0537
Update woooooooooo

2/15 c43 FaritFlashbang
Good to have you back!
You squirm under attention? mmmhhhh, now I NEED to thank you for continuing to write this fic, soooooo, Thanks for continuing to write this!
I honestly thought this one was dead, glad it is not.
2/15 c43 anthonym3
Excellent chapter. i may have to reread this sometime
2/15 c43 Starhunter18
love this chapter can't wait for the next chapter
2/15 c43 3MoBlue
Thanks for the update! absolutely loved seeing Rei and Sute's interaction and how she interacts with the villagers
2/15 c43 11Thomas Drovin
Hey there welcome back to your lovely, lovely story at long, LONG last! Hard to beleive it REALLY has been almost a year since you last updated, however as you said life got in the way and sometimes that's more important as we ALL have lives outside this website. Its becasue I understand that I'm still here I'm VERY good at waiting.

Anyway Sute seems to be making progress and has 'fans' as it were with Rei, her fishing methods were quite inventive I thought too. So keep up the good work and see you next update whenever you can manage it so I can see what happens next! Good Health, Clear Body, Strong Mind!
2/14 c43 dadg12346
Cool chapter thanka.
2/14 c43 aspsi
2/14 c43 Cheese Piece
Aaaa update to my favourite fic! its gonna be so awesome!
2/14 c43 1210justinp
I thought you were dead. glad you're back.
2/14 c43 Veilan
hey thanks for continuing writing this, its interesting! No sympathy only well wishes!
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