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for The Bloody Oracle of Kiri

2/14 c43 osaki-monti
Im so happy you're back, and glad you took the time you needed to get yourself back together. This is a great story and so glad you e picked it back up!
2/14 c43 Apperatus
Sounds like a story and a half. You won't get my sympathy, as promised, but you have my empathy regardless.

I'm excited for where Sute's adventures take her now that she has a base and can properly branch out!
2/14 c43 DarkkingMB
Great to see you back! I look forwards to what you have in store. Best of luck! Love the exasperated Rei
2/14 c43 lmc9389
It’s alive woo!
2/14 c43 GiantPsychoGecko
I know you said no platitudes in that post-script, but as a semi-decent human being I feel the need to offer condolences for whoever you lost. Feel free to do whatever with them, they are purely to make myself feel better about my shortcomings by potentially helping some random person on the internet.
2/14 c43 Twelveplusone
Welcome back, I missed you :> monthly updates sound awesome, thank you for writing!
2/14 c1 jimbob
WHOOOOOOOOO holy fuck im so hyped. also yikes man that always hurts!
2/14 c43 2DannyPhantom619
Long time no see
2/14 c43 1Runyon Gaetz
Awesome chapter! Dont sweat the breaks and taking time for yourself. Im just happy to see an update. And it was a great update! Hope things turnnout in your favor and i hope to see another chapter published when you get the chsmce.
2/14 c43 Misiercorde
I know you dont want platitudes ive dealt with some things recently as well; im sorry you had to deal with them, glad you are on the mend a bit. And on a brighter note, im just glad youre back and updating, thrilled to see this beauty of a story back in action. Any time you need off, this is a joy for me sure, but your life and happiness takes priority
2/14 c43 2Church Nexus 28
Cool man, for you awesome fucked up adventures with suit
2/14 c43 mavow1
Thanks for the update
2/14 c43 KFSC
2/14 c43 1Pridesbane
Great chapter! Im really excited to see an update
2/14 c43 Frickin Fedora
Yay, you're back! This is one of the better Naruto fanfictions out there IMO, so I'm glad I saw you post another chapter.

Also, no need to apologize for the wait. It's not like we're paying you to write or something. You aren't obligated to do anything, and we should all just be happy that you've written this much already.
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