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for Third Year in Harmony

7/25 c9 haphazard1
I enjoyed this story a lot. The detailed thought put into the relationship among the trio, Harry thinking and realizing more about his own actions (like with Snape), and some smarter handling of the big confrontation/time travel incident all made for a much more realistic take on third year. And Sirius' impressions of James and Lily were very amusing.
7/22 c9 Caver Floyd
Good story.
7/19 c8 Darksnider05
This has been a wonderful read going into the next chapter dreading the end. You've given such wonderful voice to all of the characters in a believable manner. Now on to the last chapter.
7/19 c5 Darksnider05
Yeah Seven years of Negging sounds about right, HHR makes to much sense sometimes so much so that it's hard to read non HHR stories at times. Like it's hard to imagine James Potter without Sirius Black. Or Fred without George the chemistry of these people was just a very big part of their characters.
7/19 c3 Darksnider05
Yeah the real experiences of kids at around 13 and up start getting a lot more colorful as their discovering a whole of bunch of stuff quite rapidly. YA hardly ever covers any of that real experience. I like that you had her admit to enjoying their adventures.
7/19 c2 Darksnider05
A little change here and Harry and Hermione just take off so fast, always made me sad in canon how Harry seemed to lose his love of magic so fast. It's just interesting with how versatile it is to just not be constantly fascinated with the possibilities was always weird. The Marauders were always brilliant to me because of this it sounded like they were really into messing around with magic to accomplish their goals.
7/16 c9 Guest
Errrrrr. I hope you publish a rendition of 4th year, I would really love to see harry and hermiones relationship flourish under the amused eyes of Sirius with your brilliant ability to write and portray them so accurately. One of the best most canon like written fics ever, thank you.
7/16 c8 Guest
Bravo. But where was lupin if he wasnt in the shrieking shack during the full moon :)
7/16 c7 Guest
Woo, your version of PoA is much more exciting, or its like someone meddled with time and created a different timeline.
7/16 c6 Guest
What a cliffy, Rons redemption I take it? You are a brilliant writer!
7/16 c5 Guest
Good god, Hermione is relentless! Trust in harry to diffuse her determination. The only thing I dont like about your story is that it is only 35k words...
7/15 c4 Guest
Harry is too dam forgiving to ickle ronnikins, but I like the dialogue from all of your characters and the discussions between harry and hermione, could swear their likeness was pulled straight out of canon. Tbis is so much fun to read
7/14 c3 Guest
That was such a cute chapter! Your hhr are so innocent and sweet, you have written them so well. As for Ron i realize how perfect he'd be in slytherin, lol.
7/14 c2 Guest
Beautifully written story, really enjoying it.
7/13 c9 1thrawnca
I loved Harry's realisation of just how much he and his friends have dumped on Professor Snape. It reminded me of The Snape Chronicles, giving his perspective on events, and how as far as he saw, Harry was basically the Second Coming of James Potter.

Also, good job telling a different story with your characters while preserving their personalities intact, warts and all.
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