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2/21 c106 3Enchanted Quill by Sameera
I usually do not write reviews, but I'm just letting you know i started this at 9 pm. and continued reading it till the end, and finally finished. i looked at the time it was 3 Am. Trust me when i say this . Love love love the story. i did feel a little lag at a few episodes. Mind you just a little, but you wrote this story in an extremely wonderful way
10/29/2023 c106 ReadingAddict335
This was the most amazing Harry-Daphne story I ever read. I didn't even realize that I was holding my breath during the trial.

Hats Off Dorthea Greengrass and Shygui, This treat of a story is truly a gem to remember and reread again.
9/19/2023 c106 modir321
nice and very emotional mature story
9/16/2023 c106 44Speaker-to-Customers
This is awesome! I was half-way through it when went down and so I finished it on AO3, even though I hate that site and everything connected with it, but your story was so good that I couldn't bear to wait for FF to come back up.
8/18/2023 c66 Guest
Harry is so emotionally restarted it's hard to think anyone would put up with his shit. Daphne must have zero self respect to stay with him.
7/24/2023 c68 sanbeegoldiewhitey
What a punching bag and doormat you have made of Harry and Daphne. So it is all about the money for the two of them.
7/24/2023 c64 sanbeegoldiewhitey
I have enjoyed many of your stories before. Not this one. Bad guys have won too much and too frequently.
7/21/2023 c106 her-my-own
this was fantastic! thank you
7/3/2023 c106 jurmaev
I would like to say thanks to the author of this story. It was an amazing experience reading it, with many turns and it twists. I also liked the touch of mystery, it kept me guessing about the person responsible for murders or accidents. All in all, very well written story. Thank you again!
5/26/2023 c106 Sleepyhawk502
What an awesome story! Great job to both of you. Thanks for sharing!
5/16/2023 c1 1mightytrex547722
I know I’m a little late but I loved the story, it was recommended to me and I haven’t been able to stop reading it sense. Good job!
2/27/2023 c16 ThunderSphinx
Harry should sell the basilisk and he will have plenty of money.
2/4/2023 c106 Liamtheharrypotterfan
Great story! Loved it
1/25/2023 c5 kukuhimanpr
oh. so this ginny is an evil au version. well, you gotta need a villain in the right spot for a postwar haphne story, i suppose...
1/25/2023 c3 kukuhimanpr
arthur driving a hard but fair argument about a respectable grey pureblood family to stop molly from forcing her prejudice on purebloods to harry? i've never seen that in any fics... but thats quite a sight to read...
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