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for A Marriage of Convenience

10/2 c106 HSkarsgard
This was just beautiful. Thank you very much.
9/14 c30 Dave
Well, 7 days of that crap? Nothing is ever easy for Harry, huh?

I finally figured out who the guy with revenge on the mind is. Took me long enough lol.
9/14 c22 Dave
I'll be honest. Despite us seeing he isn't quite as evil as he makes himself seem, I rather hope Daphne and Harry find a way to get back at Cyrus. I mean make him squirm big time. If I was in Harry's position, I'd be looking for ways to split the company or take it out of Cyrus' hands at the first opportunity. Something to turn the tables and make him feel powerless in response for his machinations.
9/15 c35 crazydavey
This last misunderstanding seems a bit farfetched. What are the odds Harry would just say, "you don't have to worry about that," without adding anything else, such as, "I wouldn't do that to you or Ginny. You both deserve better than that"?
9/14 c14 crazydavey
Surely Cyrus should realize forcing Harry under threat of death would most likely result in Harry doing his utmost to screw Cyrus over and destroy him? Or is he that certain Harry is too nice and moral? Not too mention is he that certain Harry wouldn't take out his anger on Daphne? Is Harry only really in this position because he's too well known as the selfless, morally upright, hero?
9/11 c106 counter12
Wow what an absolutely amazing mind-opening story. I loved the originality of all your creations and the liberty you took in expanding each and every character. This story have flown by, and I would have loved this story to be longer and continued!

I wish you and Shygui get together for more stories in the future in this universe, thank you both so much even though this review is years after you finished this story.

What a story
9/11 c104 counter12
WHAT, no way such a short chapter is the 3rd last chapter!
9/10 c102 counter12
No way a short chapter when there's only 4 left?!
9/8 c100 counter12
What a thrill of a chapter
9/6 c98 counter12
Loved Harry's testimonies and statements over Cyrus, beautifully written
9/5 c106 2PrinceAsmo
The story was great. Despite being pure romance, the mystery and the intrigue kept me hooked, and it was very well written. I am pleased to say that the story was worth every bit of my time that I spent on it. Well thought out, well staged, well written. Great job! Well, it is an old story and it's 2022. I would love a reply! As for my criticism, I only have three gripes.

The ending seemed a bit rushed after the trial, most notably the final confrontation. Harry was hyped up to be an insanely powerful wizard, and a duel between him and Carrington would be beyond great.

The second gripe: No deep look into the future. The advances of Harry's political movement, the changes within the DMLE and so on and so forth.

The third and final gripe: I soooooo wanted to see Daphne tell him about her true feelings, the ones she always had even before their marriage that dated back to early Hogwarts.

Alas, the two gripes are purely personal taste and I cannot hold anything about your writing decisions; The overall product was worth every single Knut of my time.

If you read this, thank you for sparing the time for my review!
9/5 c95 counter12
I have loved this story and I can't believe there's only 10 chapters left... it hurts
9/1 c84 counter12
Love Dean and Seamus being involved
9/1 c82 counter12
Loved the scene with Harry going to see Cyrus and the rest of the Greengrasses.
8/31 c75 counter12
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