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12/8/2019 c1 Descendants Love
Loved it.
The awkwardness? Sublime.
And Sauron just idly touching the scars on his neck because Elrond reminds him of Luthien? Perfection.
Elrond's suspicions? Legit amazing.
And that "𝘯𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘬 𝘺𝘰𝘶" thing? Absolutely incredible.
"Where would Annatar 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘣𝘭𝘺 have seen her?" Just. I. have. no. words.
"I was-𝘢𝘮-a Maia of Aule" That's too good.
And Sauron-I mean Annatar- paling so he looks so much like paper is just one of my favorite things ever.
But I think Elrond made a small mistake. I believe they are actually half-second cousins twice removed.
But this conversation is part of my headcanons now.
12/7/2018 c1 Guest
This is horribly good. The description of "craftsman laughter" somehow got me more than all the familial awkwardness and Elrond-as-Luthien parallels but everything was delightful.
7/25/2018 c1 10Wordspin
This is rather brilliant. Spying and snarky remarks over tea. I do like how predatory Elrond is, and to see Annatar uncomfortable is positively exceptional. A quite skillful blend of humour and seriousness.
7/14/2018 c1 1Zelda-Galadriel
"Very well," says Elrond, putting down his teaspoon, "if you find my fostering illegitimate, we're-if I've calculated correctly-fourth cousins, twice removed."

I think they're half-second cousins, twice removed, actually, courtesy of this CPG Grey video:


I was actually thinking this out while I was riding my bike. xD
6/18/2018 c1 Guest
Jeez, I was all twitchy with excitement. This is so well played tea party. Bony pale, euphemisms, fake ease, tease and secrecy and there were some delightful funny surprises, like fear of Nerwen or Luthien too beautiful to be similar. I'd love more of it.
6/14/2018 c1 braid

This was really good! Elrond is Good as always, and the bit with Sauron remembering the whole not-quite-death-technically thing was muy brillante. VERY good all around, as usual. :)
3/10/2018 c1 25Glenstorm63
Ah Bravo! That was so wonderfully... so slyly written. Celebrimbor was lslightly ess easy to picture, but your portrait of Sauron/Annatar/Aulendil and of Elrond was crystal clear. Over tea! Fabulous. Thank you. I am treauring the experience. I might visit for tea again I think.
2/26/2018 c1 112AzureSkye23
Yay! Totally freaked out by Elrond Sauron! Lol.

No, seriously, you managed to pull him off fantastically, even if it is Elrond who steals the show. May I mention here that I love Elrond’s utter snark to his upbringing? Especially his response to Gil-galad’s remark that he might be Celebrimbor’s closest relation. I laughed so ridiculously hard at that. (though Elrond has made a small mistake: he and Celebrimbor are actually second cousins twice removed).

Though really, the term that had me laughing the hardest was ‘twitchy incarnate Power’. *snickers again* The juxtaposition in that line is fantastic, and I absolutely love it’s implicit characterization. I *also* adore the fact that Elrond is in utter control of this whole thing. It’s brilliant. I mean, *Annatar’s* thought processes have clearly fallen to about ‘don’thurtmedon’thurtmedon’thurtme’ but it’s great to see Elrond capitalizing on that fact.

I also really like your Celebrimbor, as I’ve mentioned before. He’s almost a deliberate antithesis of his father: open instead of xenophobic, and frankly terrible at manipulation and hiding things. I also caught and rather appreciated his slip about Nargothrond: he *would* have been there at the same time as Lúthien, but it’s pretty logical that he wouldn’t really have met her. Although, that would be an interesting fic idea right there; what would Celebrimbor say to his prospective ‘aunt’ as she’s a prisoner of his uncle?

Also interesting is your recurring motif of deathly white. You link it in the beginning to Beleriand, and it holds that association all the way through: both the city and Annatar. It’s very fitting that you link those two, since Sauron is the most dangerous thing to come out of the First Age into the second, and that it’s linked with death, as that’s how this whole thing is going to end, unless of course you slide it into our AU version of this universe. ;) But I did really like it, and it made an excellent foreboding ending to this piece.

Lovely, lovely work all around, Crackers! This had definitely fulfilled my urge for a very discomforted Mairon. ;) Thank you for the wonderful birthday present!
2/25/2018 c1 24Galad Estel
Oh, poor Elrond. Annatar and Celebrimbor are really ganging up on him, but they're not quite as clever and sneaky as they would like to believe. They're having too much fun. Beautifully written as always. :)
2/25/2018 c1 Knight at the Museum
This is really good writing!

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