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9/11 c1 1bibink729
gtn cgh
9/7 c21 Feld
hmm since its gonna have some Xover elements perhaps Godzilla? if not thats fine but it could be interesting as after all naruto had some big ass kaiju fights as well
9/7 c21 Feld
ight ill be legit about one thing i admittedly felt bad about the uchihas yes some are jackasses but some people have legitimate loyalty to the leaf but considering that some asshole (Danzo) MANIPULATED ITACHI TO COMMIT A FUCKING GENOCIDE is it any wonder sasuke became like this? BUT that doesnt mean im excusing his actions and all that ME SPECIAL shit but lets hope things dont get out of hand when dealing with sasuke and sakura
9/4 c1 Glitner
u lost my intrest in the first couple of sentences ... he said i worked really hard for freindship ... really thats something u need to work hard for ?... it just happends seems to me this is just a repeat of cannon with some world jumping
9/3 c21 F8ZEPHYR
I'm glad the conclusion of this arc is a straight-up Neptune cliche. Question, will Naruto be learning his OG ninjutsu
9/3 c21 Jack Firerage
Apart from one part of my suggestion not included, I like how you handled the return, especially how he retains his abilities, items, etc. I'd imagine more complex/ powerful functions cost more energy/ Chakra so I think it's a nice balance. Eagerly looking forward to more chapters as Naruto takes on his world.
9/2 c21 Jajur von Hohenzollern
looking forward to the chaos naru (and Co?) will bring to the ninja World... alsobi do hope that a certain iris goddess appears she was one of my favorites (as well as a certain megalomaniac fallen Goddess. poor rei)
9/2 c21 SPark681
Hmm, a nice chapter glad Naruto still has his friends and summons though i wonder how he'll get back to the other world anyways keep up the great work!
9/2 c21 4fangs of death
Amazing chapter and story.
9/2 c21 Arbiter3670
Awesome man hope to see more soon also since Naruto is back at konoha will it still be canon like in the anime but some differences and will his jutsu’s be the same along with some new ones since Naruto wants to take things more seriously now just wondering anyway good luck man?
9/2 c21 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please. Hey hussbek, can you make another Naruto story called: The Game Show Of Naruto Uzumaki's Dating Life - It's after The Fourth Shinobi War Arc and before Naruto vs. Sasuke Arc where Wiz came through a portal & asked him to come with him instead kidnapping him and left a Note on his dinner table and Everyone in Elemental Nations will watch Naruto dating Girls from The Multiverse, The Past & Present from his world please. Also don't block me for this crazy idea please.
9/2 c21 Dasgun
9/2 c21 2Dragonkeeper10
An ending for Gamindustri for now, but our lad is now ready to conquer (figureatively) his world. Is nice.
9/1 c20 Feld
also to most likely answer that herissmon and erismon thing thats what herissmon originally was named before the whole localization of Re Arise
8/31 c20 4The Sith'ari
I wonder if the white light that engulfed Naruto and Neptune sent them both to the Elemental Nations? Having intended to only engulf Naruto and take him back home, only for Neptune to be sent to the Elemental Nations as well due to her being at such close proximity to him.
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