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for Wordgirl Future: The Unique

12/4/2019 c1 Guest
can you make wordgirl in: TJ 10 (TJ gets the omnitrix)

based off from the series: ben 10
if wordgirl is having trouble, TJ will save the day with the omnitrix!

8/11/2019 c4 Deepizzaguy
I liked your weird story of my favorite make kid villain Tobey. Nice horror story that the late Boris Karloff who hosted the horror television show called "Thriller" would like a lot. Keep up the good work.
5/27/2019 c4 Spooky ghost
I'm not sure if my comment actually went through im getting mixed signals from
5/27/2019 c4 Spooky ghost
On super power ideas for violet scoops and tobey
I always liked the idea of giving the most innocent character the most destructive super powers so for violet something like fire powers or control over shadows would be rather interesting. Scoops could have something that at first seems pointless but is actually useful like super accuracy. I don't know about tobey
5/23/2019 c1 Fernada Diego
What do they mean “walk in”
1/30/2019 c3 2SaraDaniela2004
Update soon
6/16/2018 c3 Deepizzaguy
I like your idea of having Wordgirl work with some new teammates on this story. Keep up writing these Wordgirl fan fictions as you see fit. Great story that you are writing.

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