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for By Morning Lights

4/13/2018 c1 3mckydstarlight
That was awesome! It’s nice to see the boys just be happy. It doesn’t happen often.
3/24/2018 c1 5Twinchester Angel
Oh I love it so much when you write Sam and Dean! This was perfect and pleasant. I love the tragedy of the boys but it also makes the sweet moments so much sweeter. You always write them so perfectly in character. Thank you so much for this! Just adorable. *hugs*
2/26/2018 c1 80shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod
Perfect mix of a bit of humor and some cuteness. Loved it :)
2/26/2018 c1 Guest
Really, really, really enjoyed this. Great story. So glad to see a new Supernatural story from you.
Thanks so very much for sharing this.
2/26/2018 c1 roslyngrl
Anything cardio minded IS a level of hell, btw. And slightly overdone quiche won't be the worst thing the boys have ever eaten. In fact, it's better that way. Nice and crispy brown. Yum. Now I want quiche. Thanks for writing.
2/26/2018 c1 IWouldGetUpButNah
Cuuute! What a great story! Omg! I love your writing 3
2/26/2018 c1 74SupernaturalGeek
Well that was adorable :)

I loved everything about it, from Sam (naturally) discovering a 'fairy circle' while out for a run to the way he rushed back to the bunker so he could share it with Dean to the fact Dean realised this was a normal-ish nice moment to enjoy together and held off on teasing Sam about it (until later, anyway...)

The added mundane elements of Dean's mistrust of the motorbike and his annoyance at his perfectly constructed Quiche Lorraine going to waste were just a bonus.

I can't lie, I struggle so much with the programme these days that this was a pleasant reminder of why I grit my teeth and stick with it and why I love these characters so much.

I really did enjoy this :)
2/26/2018 c1 Ne'ith5
Ahhh...nothing nasty happened, it was just cute the brothers being bro's! Nice! Thank you I needed that.
2/26/2018 c1 90adromir
I love it when Sam gets to ride the bike! Why didn't the show put that in some of the scenes, right? I definitely can clearly imagine Sam taking the bike out for a wild ride, once a while. Or maybe that's because I've seen Jared riding a bike in Friday the 13th. LOL!

Thanks for the feel good story!
2/25/2018 c1 Kirsten
This was an absolute joy to read, both for the quality of your writing and for the subject matter!
2/25/2018 c1 Kathy
lovely, cute and fun
2/25/2018 c1 Jily4
Nice to see a story from you! This was a delightfully sweet one, and I loved it! The playful side of both brothers is so often lost in the angst of their lives, and it was fun to see it. Thanks!
2/25/2018 c1 Jenjoremy
Oh that was so much fun! Thank you so much for dipping back into the SPN world. I've missed you!
2/25/2018 c1 6Lord of the Gauntlets
It's nice to see you writing for this Fandom again!
I started watching the show shortly after finding your Star Trek stories, and after realizing that you wrote for Supernatural as well.
This is jam packed with fluff, I love it.
The fairy lights are a cute idea, after all, they do belong in the world of the Paranormal!
Anyway, thank you for sharing your story, and nicely done!

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