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9/4 c25 Guest
Interesting how Gilbert’s mother talks to him about visiting Anne while she’s away but never to her or ask if it was okay. Gilbert just assumes Anne would love a visit from his mother while she’s adapting to new surroundings and a new teaching job.
6/28 c42 Guest
I'm hoping that one day soon you will feel like finishing this wonderful story. I to have had a very hard time the last two or three years and reading the stories you have written on here has meant such a lot to me.
5/1 c42 AvonleaBrigadoon
That was a delightful story. Thank you! A part of me was a bit sad that Gilbert didn’t become a doctor (leaving Leslie Moore to her fate) but I’m sure he’ll be happy as a teacher and researcher. I choose to assume that this baby will not have the same fate as Joyce. I like that you allowed Moody to find love.
4/30 c30 AvonleaBrigadoon
This time it was the opening that really struck me. Their friends and family gathered round in a happy burble. I loved Marilla and John both giving warnings to Gilbert.
4/30 c17 AvonleaBrigadoon
What an ending to the chapter! You handled the fight really well. They were both hurt for different reasons and found it hard to convey that to the other but they did and they came through better than ever. Anne's performance of the apology was so sweet.
4/30 c15 AvonleaBrigadoon
Oh Roy! Your privilege is showing!
Yes, Anne! Write that story. Produce something of substance and not just pretty little whimsies.
4/30 c14 AvonleaBrigadoon
Ohhhhhh the sweetness!
I loved the bit near the beginning of the chapter where the village feared Mrs Lynde's wrath because of the secrets she could spill about them.
4/30 c12 AvonleaBrigadoon
Yes, it makes sense that Diana would feel betrayed. She's known for years that Anne loved Gilbert - even though Anne wouldn't admit it. She might also be feeling a bit jealous that Anne married so quickly while she's been having to wait in frustration for Fred.
4/30 c11 AvonleaBrigadoon
Of course their families were fine! Rachel will be too once she's heard all. She'll defend Anne fiercely against any who try to denigrate her.

Bringing the celibate aspect out in the open was embarrassing for A&G but will have been very reassuring for their families.
4/30 c10 AvonleaBrigadoon
Ooh! Roy and Christine colluding. I always thought Christine was a nasty piece of work. I felt she showed her true colours years later when Anne and Gilbert encountered her at a dinner and she spent the evening flirting with him and implying that they had had a deeper relationship. Roy didn't come across as nasty but I think he is spoiled and selfish so could imagine him trying to get between Anne and Gilbert to satisfy his own desires.
4/30 c9 AvonleaBrigadoon
I'm loving this story! I've been reading on my phone and find it hard to comment there so this is the first time I've surfaced!

You said it wasn't a common Anne trope and I can see why but you're handling it beautifully. Gilbert holding himself in check and Anne slowly coming to terms with the fact that she maybe does have some feelings for him.

The talk between Anne and Jonas was great! He really broke down the idea of love in a way that let Anne see that she did love Gilbert, even if it might not currently include the romantic love. Speaking as someone married for 31 years so far, the romantic love is probably the least important in the long run.

The girls at Patty's Place were so sweet. I did wonder if Aunt Jimsie was going to have a TALK with Anne prior to the wedding night. I worry about them affording the place without Anne contributing her rent.

The cottage behind Gilbert's boarding house was a great idea. Of course Anne knows how to do all the household-y things, having been trained by Marilla. What she doesn't know how to do is be in sole charge while also studying full time. Hopefully she'll start accepting some more help from Gilbert there.

I worry a bit about their reception in Avonlea but I guess I'll see soon enough.
4/8 c42 Brielka
I always save this story for last when I go on an Anne fanfic binge because it’s just so satisfying. I hope you continue to write in the future, but even if you don’t, please know that you have contributed so much to this world already, and it’s so very much appreciated.
4/8 c42 5McFishie 7759380
I can't believe I missed these last two chapters, what the perfect ending for this story! I must confess I wondered how you'd keep this story going, once Anne told Gilbert she loved him I thought perhaps all the tension was gone, and yet you kept us intrigued and worked towards the mose loely ending. THank you for your story Catiegirl. I hope we get more from you in the future.
3/28 c22 geekloverlz
I've read your stories countless times, but my heart still skips a beat every time I come back to some of these scenes. You really are amazing.
3/12 c41 DrinkThemIn
Burned through the entire story, and I’m left so very sated.
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