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5/21/2021 c25 CCPH
“I was waiting to feel something- a fallingwhen I already had” I loved how you worded her realization, so much of it being an homage to Darcy’s I was in the middle before I knew it had begun. Marilla’s motherly perspective was one Anne desperately needed. What a momentously overwhelming moment for Anne to realize her love for Gil at the very moment she is left without him (again). I think it’s an interesting idea that Anne could openly admit that she “cared” for Gilbert to the point she couldn’t envision her life without him BUT she couldn’t recognize that intense pull toward him like none other as a sign of love. Jo’s conversation about “different” kinds of love that we choose made me think of Green Gables and how so much of the Cuthberts manifested that for her.
5/21/2021 c24 CCPH
This chapter really is AnneGil, really Shirbert, really the Blythes. They’ll always be like this- two forces of nature converging into a perfect storm. This story is so beautifully done, almost melodic in the ebb and flow of their emotional breaksreconnection. The torrent that is unleashed when they finally reach deep to expose brutal emotional honesty is always followed by a gentleness that can only come from an empathic understanding. I knew they were making headway when Gil was talking shit about his familythat’s when you know you’ve entered a new level of commitment in any relationship lol. I loved the scene with Diana, true bosom friends. AnneGil’s tender moment in the glade was so wonderfully written- it conjured up my distant memories of reading their scene in Hester Grays garden for the first time. It was intimate, insulated, a feeling of being protectively cocooned. Such a beautiful tableau to build for their real first moment of physical intimacy. Their embrace as they slept was a gorgeous final image: through all their tribulations in the end it’s always going to be them... together.
5/20/2021 c23 CCPH
This chapter was nothing that I expected after the ending of last chapter. Firstly, I must tell your again that your writing is so immaculate, the cadence of the chapter perfection, and character composition exquisite in capturing their tone. I felt every emotion both Gil and Anne had. When last chapter ended with Gil’s love declaration I anticipated Anne’s shock but had hoped it would make her realize her own growing feelings. This fight was so intense and so heartbreaking. The truth is they’ve been a powder keg since the beginning so it was eventually going to blow. Gawd my heart broke for Gil, the pain he felt realizing that, for Anne, it wasn’t an unrecognized buried love for him that she sequestered all these years. She genuinely loves their friendship but wasn’t ready to indulge in real love with anyone let alone him. As for Anne it’s clear there are deeper wounds that she can’t conceal or bury down anymore; if she keeps that part of her hidden from him there’s no way their marriage can be anything more than it is at this moment. He’s laid his heart bare to her, it can only survive if she does the same.
5/20/2021 c22 CCPH
At first I thought Roy would be a cad whose infatuation with Anne would lead him to see a world he had been blinded to bc of his wealth. To some extent, like the books, a well intentioned Roy who was just as much a product of his own environment as was Anne. My thinking was Roy would then pose a threat at that point bc he would really become Anne’s childhood ideal. However, it turns out he’s just a bad- how disappointing. Anne’s tension regarding her past has been building for some time now. It’s interesting that she has felt compelled to share her past with Gil but the stops short thinking it not relevant. Yet this conversation with Roy makes it clear it is very much is relevant. Roy’s mistake is thinking she’s ashamed when what she really wants to avoid is pity. Coupe that with the conversion she has with Bessie about distance and how it starts to build doubt, it’s no wonder she’s a nervous wreck. I’m going both Gil and Anne tell each other about their conversations on the dance floor. Christine’s insinuation about annulment and Roy’s accusation that Anne doesn’t fully trust Gil clearly hit them in their most sensitive spots. They had promised each other early on they would tell each other about the hurtful things people say about their marriage. I hope they keep that promise. All that said... OMG!’ Finally, Gil found the courage to tell Anne he loves her. *swoo
5/20/2021 c21 CCPH
I imagine that Anne is finally finding a rhythm that she likes, trusts in her life with Gil that a nee pattern, even if it’s drawn from a past tempo, is a scary thought when so much was a quagmire for the past 6months. Plus Gil’s growing boldness and Anne’s new sense of comfort? management? liking? of his flirtatious must be something so she doesn’t want to risk. Their whole discussion about their future family was really fun bc there didn’t seem to be any tension as it relates to seeing that future together; Amelia’s letter asking when to expect her first grandchild was hilarious. I know Anne’s “story” will rise to the surface one way or another but for this moment, as they prepare to be apart for some time, I can see why she wants to cocoon in their little mushroom even if it’s just for a fleeting amount of rime.
5/20/2021 c20 CCPH
Phil is the greatest! I wonder if it’s frustrating for Gil bc her approach is so much more direct and it yields the results she’s wants. I know he knows Anne is a different animal altogether but it must still feel like the grass is greener for those you are so much more forthcoming, The conversion with Clare was interesting... almost feels like Josie was just priming Anne for her college years. I died during their conversation about conversations related to sex talk- how horrifying for Gil to have to sit through his parents lol. However, seems his mother’s insight may have been worth the torture. I love that Anne’s initial response was skeptical thinking it was just advice from his dad. You go girl, make sure you check his sources like the journalist you are hahaha! Oh how I smiled when you used a variation of my fav line from AoA “Well, I wouldn’t marry anyone who was really wicked; but I think I’d like it if he could be wicked and wouldn’t.” This is 100% Gil in this story- lucky Anne.
5/20/2021 c19 CCPH
oooh, they’re both starting to get more and more physically comfortable around each other, and their intimacy having always been more emotional though equally vulnerable, so it’s just beautiful to watch it unfold. It’s interesting to watch Anne struggle with her growing affection for Gil. It’s understandable that the romantic notions of love don’t seem to be playing out in real life with so much strife involved and yet, strangely, this version seems to still be yielding the same results- that’s got to be discombobulating to our young Anne. Well, there’s nothing that helps a couple bond stronger than late night vomiting lol. I love the image of ‘protective-captain for the football team-class president’ Gil curling up in Anne’s lap wanting to be gentle petted and comforted like a cat. It’s such a sweet image
5/19/2021 c18 CCPH
The girls bday gift to Anne- meow! I thought Anne took it very well. I thought it was a good sign she told Gil about it as well as a lot Roy’s antics. As Gil proudly thought it’s a good sign of Anne’s growing trust. I imagine things are gonna get interesting on the coming chapters.
5/19/2021 c41 nicole.cann.7
I hope you are alright and that everything is well. I really miss updates on this story as it is really well done.
All the best
5/19/2021 c17 CCPH
Is it sadistic that I love when AnneGil fight... not because I want to see them be hurtful or witness malicious fighting (like they’d ever do that) but because fighting means you’re invested. Fighting means you care enough for the other person to understand or see your point of view. And as much as people think fighting is bad it’s actually not. Successful couples learn how to fight with each other bc it’s just another form of communication. Honestly, Gil being upset really does send shock alarms out because he really can tolerate a lot from his wife. I’m sure after having such a splendid house warming and feeling more connected it was disorienting to see Anne react to him that way. Plus, in the back of my mind, I wonder if some of the physical trauma she had as a child also makes her hesitant. When she once said to Gil “We all have our scars” it made me think there is a fear she has that he will see them, the physical manifestation of her brutal childhood and the remnants of what others used to think/see so little of her.
5/19/2021 c16 CCPH
Each chapter is so wonderfully written! How is that you cover so much topography in their story, moving us over valley and mountains, happinesscontentment, happenstance and intention, disillusionment and tension, yet I’m always surprised when I’ve come to a chapter’s endalways feeling like I had only just begun. Can I tell you a secret: one of my greatest joys over the past few chapters has been knowing I’m not even halfway through their story. This knowledge somehow brings me joy.
5/19/2021 c15 CCPH
I dare say Charlie is just so... Charlie! Yet I have to admit there is a part of me that is endeared to him. Is it his unrelenting confidence that in a strange way is overly impressive? Or is it merely he comes of ass an unintentional fool? Honestly I feel like it doesn’t really matter because when it comes down to it Charlie never once considered abandoning his friends. In his way, he’s just as steadfast and determined as AnneGil. That said, I can see why they only want him in doses lol. As for Roy, initially I felt like he was dangerous because he was clearly a disingenuousbored rich kid but his response to Anne’s ire over his opinion now makes me think he’s going to be dangerous because he’s going to turn out to be quite earnest in his approach to her, maybe even to his own surprise. As always, Gil’s cheeky tenderness to his wife makes me root for her to realize she loves him much sooner than later.
5/19/2021 c14 CCPH
You comedic timing is unmatched! “The parable of the Unwise Virgins” had me rolling on the floor, it too delicious of a title, of which I’m unsure if Rachel coaxed the idea on the minister or if it was mere coincidence. Their Christmas day with their new extended family was just beautiful but their exchange of rings with his family was just so heartwarming. I almost wished they had also done it with Marilla there so in a way both parents could experience so sense of a wedding; Gilbert’s confession of ‘new territory’ was essentially a recitation of vows. Nonetheless it’s an endearing moment between A&Gthird ‘wedding’ kiss is the charm.
5/19/2021 c13 CCPH
Diana is her bosom friend through and through. As Gil said things were always going to change between them once marriage got in the way it’s just a shock to them both it was Anne’s that was the one to do it. This bump in the road was just another moment in their shifting friendship. I love your Gilbert so much! I suppose he’s perfectly canon, unflinching in his devotion and determination towards Anne, but I think there is also a brazenness to this Gil’s love, almost unapologetic in his expression of it. My sense is it’s always been there, just tempered a bit bc of his fear of rejection, but now emboldened knowing that Anne is his, truly his for a lifetime. At this point he feels compelled to prove his worthiness for her love but deep down Anne already knows he has it.
5/19/2021 c12 CCPH
“You can’t know joy unless you’ve known sorrow.” This chapter definitely reflects the roller coaster that is their Christmas at home. Is it bad that I found their discussion with their parents so deliciously awkward? I couldn’t help smile in second hand embarrassment when they had to explicitly acknowledge their “family planning” strategy when it’s always just been implied between them lol. Well, I was just as surprised at Diana’s reaction as Anne but Gil makes a good point that Di’s anger may be more of an indicator of her hurt feelings of missing out on this very momentous moment in her best friend’s life.
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