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4/8 c42 5McFishie 7759380
I can't believe I missed these last two chapters, what the perfect ending for this story! I must confess I wondered how you'd keep this story going, once Anne told Gilbert she loved him I thought perhaps all the tension was gone, and yet you kept us intrigued and worked towards the mose loely ending. THank you for your story Catiegirl. I hope we get more from you in the future.
3/28 c22 geekloverlz
I've read your stories countless times, but my heart still skips a beat every time I come back to some of these scenes. You really are amazing.
3/12 c41 DrinkThemIn
Burned through the entire story, and I’m left so very sated.
3/10 c2 6DrinkThemIn
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve typed a message of worship. I’ve been craving a page-turner-sacrifice-sleep-even-though-toddlers-gonna-be-toddlers-tomorrow, and tonight I chose to lovingly peruse through my Catiegirl Library to quench it all. It’s also been a hot minute since I’ve read Catching Moonlight so here we are.

And every word is true. You’re a rockstar and a rock. You’ve no idea just how much of a comfort you are.
3/2 c1 Anne Shirley Blythe
Dear Cate, thank you so much for sharing yourself and this story with us. You’re an amazing storyteller with a most generous heart. I just completed my second read and thoroughly enjoyed it again. I needed to spend more time and relish the details. I hope that you’ll return and update by and by. Until then, take good care.
1/9 c42 Anna Meyer
Dearest author, I know it has been some time since you last posted. I'm sure you may not see this, but in the hope that one day you do, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for this story. Thank you for one of the only believable and lovable fan-fics I think I have ever read for my dear Anne and Gil. Thank you for building this world of love and adoration, so perfectly written for them. I'm sorry to have to hear your words of discouragement, because I think what you created is beautiful. I've followed this story for years. I found you when I was going through what I thought was the worst emotional break up I could have imagined for myself. I found you when my heart cried for something to bring me joy. And though I always lurked and didn't comment or favorite or do all those things because I was wary of interacting with people online in such a way, I wished you may feel somewhere in you my love for your story. It's been a long time since I've looked for your work. Life has taken me away from having time to come back, but I always would remember and smile when I did think of your work. And though I'm sure you may not have any real intentions of coming back to this, seeing as it's been so long, and you've been struggling with hard times, I'm so glad to have been able to join along for this ride. May you have love and joy fill your life just as much as Anne and Gil have in these chapters. HNY and xoxo-
1/4 c42 Guest
I really enjoyed reading this .I'm hoping that you will finish it one day soon , I hate tha Anne and Gilbert were hurting and apart so long this is a lovely fresh alternative version,so your stories on here xx
12/16/2022 c1 yunarthur
Here I am once again, reading one of your stories. It's a little game I play, which Catiegirl should I reread today? I am still loving going from OMDWY/WTC to SoD to CM so much. So I pick one of them every few months. They're my comfort stories. I am making books from them because I want to be able to look at them on my Anne shelf, next to my LMM collection. I hold them so close to my heart, and still hope Catching Moonlight will be finished one day. I just love to think about them in their little Mushroom...
I hope you are well, and still writing. I know you've said you've doubted your writing in the past, and once that feeling is here it must be hard to still try. I wanted you to know that your writing brings so much joy to a lot of people, and I know some of them who would be over the moon to read more of anything you'd chose to write. Your writing is brilliant, delicate, moving... and I hope this message comes across the internet to you and gives you back a little piece of the happiness you give us.
Thank you thank you thank you.
11/18/2022 c42 Lilly
Just love this Anne and Gilbert AU hope you and your family are are well and that one day soon you can find the time to finish this reading it again has really brighted my day
10/31/2022 c24 Guest
The conversation they shared during their walk after Diana’s wedding in AotI was bittersweet. When Gilbert uttered “so wags the world away”, my heart broke for them both. Here, under these different circumstances, the same bittersweet sentiment is painted yet again. Perfectly capturing this pivotal moment in time for them.
10/31/2022 c23 Guest
Mmm... they are after the same elusive prize here, Anne's love. I do wonder if Roy was being rather vindictive in his words, unearthing all sorts of mental demons - if so, he'd probably relish a front row at the immediate fallout.
But I think all this has short circuited the stalemate, and much like the typhoid in canon, I'm hopeful that they might see a new dawn.
10/31/2022 c22 Guest
Interesting "what-if" take of Roy here. In canon, he was painted as vanilla as they come, offering a stark contrast to what Anne's soul/heart craved, and all that Gilbert was to her in reality. And that is the world in which she goes to Roy willingly, he, believing he has a claim on her and her heart. Here, we see a very different side to Roy, or perhaps, a different person altogether. He appears to be far more perceptive about all things Anne, and whilst some conclusions he's drawn were inaccurate due in part to their lacking acquaintance, he seems to hone in on her insecurities and vulnerabilities with uncanny precision.
For better or for worse, he is once again a catalyst for Anne and Gilbert. Unbeknownst to him, once again. The line he delivered sent a shiver down my spine - "I can't decide if he is just a better actor than you, or perhaps someone who doesn't know how to act at all." Succinctly encapsulating the one thing Anne has been avoiding since the night of Miss Lavender's wedding, and her fear that everything she holds dear in her relationship with Gilbert (which has no doubt built steadily over the past months) will vanish with the revelation.
Truly enjoying this story. What a fulcrum this chapter is indeed!
10/30/2022 c18 Guest
These two! Be still my heart ;)
10/30/2022 c17 Guest
Yet another wall torn down. The vulnerabilities displayed by both parties were evident here, and no small amount of love and respect for each other, as these stubborn souls navigate the intricacies of their marriage, inching towards being on the same page.
The way you write them is astounding. They seem so true to the characters created by LMM and yet I feel ever closer to them with your story. Really don’t want this tale to ever end!
10/29/2022 c14 Guest
These 2 chapters were wonderfully written. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our favourite pair indeed! :)
I’m really enjoying this time they are sharing post wedding. It reads like ‘how to woo my housemate, who is coincidentally my wife’. And boy, is Gilbert doing it expertly. I can see why his mother wants a front row seat to watching it in action!
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