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4/27/2022 c42 Guest
I'm so ready for baby Blythe! Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/20/2022 c42 6DrinkThemIn
I took the ‘Easter Break’ to read this from beginning to end again. You know, between working and mothering (read: 5am). It’s always such a joy to come back to.
4/16/2022 c42 LAB1
This is the cutest story ever! I loved every minute of it! I loved the Mushroom. I kept cracking up every time it was mentioned and then had to explain the Mushroom to my husband. It honestly reminded me of our first apartment in college. It was one room, with the steepest staircase known to man, up to a tiny loft where our computer was and a bedroom with a bathroom where the sink was in the hallway! We called them the Rabbit Hutch apartments. The walls were sooo thin and you could hear everything on either side, behind and below. From the bedroom was awful, but the tiny bathroom was much worse! The Mushroom sounds like a much better newlywed cottage! We had purple carpet! Purple! I guess I should be grateful for all the beige paint. My parents gave us an old mauve hand me down couch from my childhood. So a pink couch and purple carpet! You can't make this stuff up! The downstairs which was a combo kitchen/family room was so tiny. We got a fake Christmas tree on a good deal. We had to take out half the branches, put the trunk up against the counter and we had 6" of clearance for our legs to sit on the small couch. It is not that big of a tree. It fits in the same space as my recliner does now. We laughed ourselves silly over it. Our bedroom barely fit a double bed in it and we could barely open the door to get out to the sink hallway. It was cheap and within walking distance of the University and 2 stores! It was home for 2 years. I guess it was better than my inlaws who shared a bathroom with another couple down the hall! They had their first child while sharing a bathroom with strangers! They got friendly quickly, but I just can't imagine that level of sharing/intimacy with others you didn't marry or give birth to after getting married? I should ask my MIL how she cleaned the cloth diapers. I'm sure she didn't have a washing machine in their apt. and disposables hadn't been invented. She used prefolds and rubber pants. Nothing like the nice modern cloth diapers I used with my kids. The Mushroom is quite ideal as far as poor college student places go! They already have a single bed for the baby. We stuffed a single between the wall and our bed for our first. We moved to a much bigger, but still 1 bedroom place after the Rabbit Hutch apartments. A hand me down single was way better than a pack and play for convenience and cost. I put a bed rail on the end, but the little ones never rolled down there. I got the idea from my inlaws, but they stuffed a crib between their bed and the wall. I'm totally rambling, but this story was way too fun to remember back to being poor college students just starting out.
3/3/2022 c42 Guest
Just wanted to let you know that I discovered this and your other stories a couple of months ago and I have enjoyed reading all of them so much! This one is probably my favorite, marriage of convenience trope and all (I think you've done a great job with it). I think it can be difficult to express real, authentic married love while still respecting the time period and the sincere moral and religious views of the characters. I think this fic does a really great job of that in particular, which is probably why it's my favorite!

I do have an account and I managed to figure out how to follow you, so I look forward to whatever you write in the future! Thanks for sharing your writing. :)
1/25/2022 c1 Guest
My book club asked me what my favorite novel of 2021 was and I answered, "Catching Moonlight." I read this twice and believe it's one that will always stick with me. The original book, "Anne of the Island," is one of my all-time favorites, but this twist on Anne and Gilbert's romance was deeper, more complex, and emotionally satisfying. Wonderful job. If this was published, I'd buy it immediately.
1/23/2022 c24 Caraea90
Hey, I think Chapter 24 and potentially other chapters may fall within the community guidelines/rules for at least M, "Fiction M can contain adult language, themes, and suggestions. Detailed descriptions of physical interactions of sexual or violent nature nature is considered MAMA content is not allowed.
12/11/2021 c42 Guest
I just love this story so much. I reread it often because it's wonderful. Please continue.
10/26/2021 c42 16SadieGrace
This story cost me a night’s sleep because I simply couldn’t stop long enough to sleep, even though I’d read it at least once before. I look forward to seeing the conclusion for these two.
10/18/2021 c36 Guest
Actually “Megan” wasn’t around until the mid 20th century.
Perhaps “Meaghan” would be more appropriate for that time period?

(I’m a Megan.)
10/14/2021 c36 Jennifer Weed
Anne’s name for her character is Megan! That’s brilliant!
10/10/2021 c42 19Alinya Alethia
Ah, lovely to have you back. I admit I had to scroll back, but that’s never a hardship. You are easily one of my favourite writers for both the sheer Anne-ness of your Anne and the friendships you paint. They’re close but you also allow space for the girls to storm when they need too, like here. And Phil does storm in a very Phil like way. Nothing grates on the curious so much as not knowing!

Gilbert rabbiting on about babies and how do you transport them us sheer delight. Though Anne’s quip about the soup tureen outclasses the rest of that exchange. I also deeply sympathise with people doing things that interfere with writing. I was trying to get a piece on jazz pianists done on Friday when the piano tuner turned up. I tell you candidly, the fact that I’d hired him did not matter a jot. I just wanted him to go away so I could get my work done in peace!

Sunday dinner here is delightful. I love how it’s really all one story the girls are telling, but everyone has slightly different parts of it, except poor Phil. You imagine such different but interesting futures for them. I know this has yo end eventually, but I think I’d happily come back and see them all jostling along and living in Kingsport post college. Jo’s Line about the christening felt very right, too. Straightforward, to the point, affectionate. There’s such lovely cross-ties between all of them now, they really do feel like family. And Moody is about to get pulled in. Presumably Prissy warned him!
10/8/2021 c30 15Curlieque
Re your postscript to chapter 30 - I love that you have Star Trek roots! I do, too. I recognize the Data paraphrase.
It's true that sometimes what you write leads to directions you didn't initially see. The "it was all a dream" trope would've worked, too, had you chosen it - and you did start off this story saying that you were using a trope not usually seen in AOGG. But, since you're not taking that bend in the road, I look forward to reading the rest of your initial vision.
10/7/2021 c23 Curlieque
Chapter 23, Point of no Return... Oh. My. Word. This is astounding. You are such a gifted writer. Anne can't trust due to her childhood, Gilbert's frustration with her not sharing, the stress and fatigue of school, combined with outsiders pushing buttons all made for a perfect recipe for drama and angst. Whew...
10/7/2021 c20 Curlieque
I'm sure everyone has already heaped praise on chapter 20, the Dance, so all I'll say is... Beautiful.
10/6/2021 c11 Curlieque
Oh, now, wait a minute... Gilbert helps button up her dress but doesn't help unbutton it? That's just not fair... Pout .

Aside from that, I liked the way you handled Anne's monthly visitor, first giving us her anxiety about it and then their late night discussion.
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