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5/17 c15 Exodus12345
I honestly think the old man would kill this Obito. After all he does not have both his eyes so no Susano and he does not have the Rinnegan either.
5/17 c8 Exodus12345
If Naruto is Danzo's slave, no point in reading anymore.
5/17 c7 Exodus12345
Well I can't see anything happening here but all of them dying here and Naruto being captured so this makes no sense to have right now. Itachi could take them all on alone and so could Kisame.
5/17 c3 Exodus12345
Obito being able to control Hiruzen makes no sense. He was able to control the Mizukage Yagura because he controlled the tailed beast inside of him and spent years to gain control. Hiruzen may be old but he was still damn strong and grew up around Uchiha. He would have noticed any form of eye tricks cast on him.
5/16 c2 Johnmau
I don't think absolute loyalty is mandatory, is it? shouldn't loyalty only be accounted for when it comes to missions of utmost benefits for the village? can't they have a business relationship, where naruto accepts missions and receives money? aren't there those who are loyal to their family and clans first before the village?
5/3 c15 Danny Williams
Great story from start and thru this chapter.
Story just needs some updates
4/28 c9 NaruCrazy
Sasu/Hina is one of the things I refuse to read, right after Naru/Saku.
Happy writing to you, but I am done here.
4/28 c12 ymrgf
Ey boring. The story went nowhere and with frequent time skipping it's lacklustre.
4/27 c15 Lazymanjones96
Interesting stuff looking forward to more
4/27 c15 3RyanMK666
Glad to see this story back, hope we get to see more soon.
Not many good kurenai and naruto stories out there in my opinion.
4/27 c13 iiNeo
I can't help but wonder if your really looked at this chapter before you posted it. It looks like to me that even if you torture Naruto or fuck his girl right in front of him he still be loyal to the village and then blame himself if he doesn't feel loyal. Imagine being tortured in your own home then feeling like a brat because you hate them and don't want anything to do with them. Does this retarded author think loyalty grows on trees? The fact that all Naruto wanted to do was not help konoha instead of destroying was already good but then the author made Naruto a retard making feel as if what he felt was wrong. Gets treated like shit, doesn't like get treated like shit then realizes he shouldn't be mad because he was treated like shit. How does that make any fucking sense.
4/27 c15 Ky111
Great chapter, glad to see another installment and looking forward to seeing what's going to happen next.

Until then.
4/26 c15 I. P. Frealy
good chapter!
4/26 c15 TampaBayMike95
please don't let hiruzen die
2/14 c15 22Shinobi Gatana
You know... I have not read a lot of Naruto fics over the last two years. I have just gotten bored with them after having read probably somewhere around 1000 of them... This fic makes me truly ache for more good Newer original fics. PS. I usually HATE HATE HATE older Naruto stories where he is oldder than his traditional classmates. You broke me of that mindset a bit with this fic. Well done. Please continue soon.
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