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for Dear Connor Murphy

8/6/2018 c3 Guest 2
How am I just finding this?
This. Is. SO. GOOD.
Personally, I really like the random scattered thoughts, and like you said, it’ll give you more freedom and material to work with. However, I am SO down if you decide to integrate a plot. But don’t stress yourself over making a plot and stuff though, cause if I were you, I personally would have no idea what direction this should go in. I suggest to keep writing random until you have a solid idea for a plot that you like and think you can develop enough from. But whatever you decide to do, keep writing, my dude, cause you are a rockstar! :D
8/4/2018 c3 scribble33
Oh my gosh, this sums up what Connor would have been thinking so well. I can actually relate to some of this and it's nice to see that someone does understand what it is like. Thank you for writing these chapters and if you brought in a plot, that would make this even better! :)
3/22/2018 c1 Guest
I really love this. I'm sitting in a waiting room about ready to cry reading this, so well written!

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