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for Not His Brother's Keeper

9/6 c1 deadal
always a nice plot! well done!
9/6 c1 RainyDayReader
Absolutely LOVED this story!
9/5 c1 Scarecrow94
6/14 c1 5stevem1
This is hilarious.
6/2 c1 Guest
oh my god i loved this! like you brought up a lot of good points here. *finger guns*
4/19 c1 tricorvus
rock on
4/10 c1 2AndrewWolfe
Why did it take me so long to get around to this one?

Don't mind admitting that I giggled from one end to the other.
4/7 c1 61AngelQueen
Oh, this was great! Excellent job! Thanks for sharing! :)
3/20 c1 major wallace
2/9 c1 missgsmith51
Bravo! Bravo! Excellent story! I love smart, sarcastic Harry, especially when he makes his stupider brother and said brother's corrupt, annoying, so-called mentor look like moronic fools.

Thanks for sharing.
2/1 c1 Guest
Good story.
1/27 c1 10supersandman86
I like it! Harry being all "I don't give a flying fuck" throughout his school year, even though he too was placed in the tournament, he did things in the more logical (healing a dragon, talking to the merpeople and proving to skeeter that he could have got the cup but didn't). And Voldemorts mind being corrupted by Albus' hotheadedness. And the icing on the cake Harry getting AK'd by his own brother, only to come back take Al with him to Voldemorts lair, wait for Neville to deliver the final blow then both leaving his cowering brother in the hands of Bellatrix. Love it. Love to have seen the faces of both potter parents and Dumbledork when all they find of their precious chosen one is what Bella left behind and that Harry has been disowned leaving them no potter line.
1/13 c1 lipasnape
Excellent in all ways that matter. Idea, writing, brevity ;-), puns help too. IQ below room temperature got me loud.
The way you depicted characters without ever mentioning them, such as Potters... Bravo.
1/7 c1 8gabzep
1/3 c1 3AveRomani
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