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for Life at Pemberley

9/22/2023 c1 Queen Mishawaka
Wonderful story and very well written
5/24/2023 c30 playmyacex
I cannot believe i’ve finished it i never wanted it to end! Such a lovely follow on and the characters felt close to how we know them thank you for writing this! Loved every minute of it from start to finish
4/19/2023 c30 gigijane
Chouette histoire! Je trouve que vous avez bien respecté les personnages de Jane Austen. Merci pour cette histoire.
9/22/2022 c30 AKS1607
Very nice. Thank you for sharing it.
8/23/2021 c30 Kuwpp2
Sweet story. I enjoyed it.
8/23/2021 c29 Kuwpp2
Not the Wickhams! I hope Darcy doesn't aid him, but I'm sure he will. Oh well.
8/23/2021 c28 Kuwpp2
Leave it to Mr. Bennet to leave his estate during a crisis that is currently affecting his family and his tenants livelihood.
8/22/2021 c27 Kuwpp2
Good for Richard defending Kitty to Lady Catherine.
8/22/2021 c22 Kuwpp2
Sweet moment between the Colonel, Anne and Lady Catherine. However, I don't know why Elizabeth feels the Colonel deserved a rejected proposal. I don't recall reading anything about the Colonel playing games with a women feelings.
8/22/2021 c21 Kuwpp2
I like Richard. I don't understand why Kitty ran away. Well, she's still young.
8/22/2021 c17 Kuwpp2
Great chapter.
8/22/2021 c16 Kuwpp2
Poor Farley.
4/22/2021 c3 Cauldronw
Beautifully written n thank you for the continuation of the series
4/22/2021 c1 Cauldronw
2/24/2021 c24 hxddenlxght
Lol...nice idea
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