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9/10 c3 turddurd214
Quit with the long winded explanation and large words. It's like you just discovered the meaning of them and began using them willy nilly.
8/20 c7 Krieger Techpreist
Praise the Omnisiah for his weapons shall crush the foul xeno under their treads!
8/9 c1 abraxas01
CINCNAVY isn't a real position. CNO: Chief of Naval Operations.
7/2 c17 Guest
Man this fic was a shit fest of trash like holy shit you butchered halo to make your oh so precious mass effect top dog
6/26 c17 Triglavian
So ah, are you going to upload a new chapter ?
6/24 c3 UltraMickey
How tf would the Turians know of the Covenant Empire? If they know of the Covenant for quite some time, they would probably already have technology to counter the Covenant right? This is confusing already, and in Chapter 3. I’m downright dissapointed.
4/11 c12 Guest
4/11 c17 Guest
4/11 c13 Guest
3/14 c12 Guest
Dark the bunny, the citadel compared to the halo ring is very small, The halo ring had a diameter of 10.000 km.
2/12 c12 4Dark The Bunny
I look up the Ark's or installation 00's size compared with the Citadel... The Ark completely dwarves it. Sure, the citadel is somewhat the same size as a halo ring and the Ark is mostly half as tall it is but the ark is longer than the citadel
2/8 c9 Dark The Bunny
I always thought the spartan laser fires a red beam, not green?
2/8 c8 Dark The Bunny
I honestly prefer hitting an enemy hard and fast with overwhelming forces. In halo wars, if the enemy became too powerful to fight head on, I'd just pump out hornets and attack their bases and change targets frequently. It usually angers the enemy badly because they can't get a bead on me.. Although that tactic leaves my base vulnerable to a push
12/14/2020 c17 1hellion117
I may be reading too much into it but I would love to see the Shepards raised by a sangheili
12/14/2020 c13 hellion117
Lol poking a krogan with a. Sharp and hot stick...
please this was like spitting on a krogan and telling him he was too weak to stay on their homeworld
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