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6/12 c22 Guest
I hope one day you will think of continuing this story, I have always enjoyed it
5/26 c5 Kat
I always felt Dumbledore was even worse than Voldemort. With Voldemort, you know he's evil. He doesn't disguise his hatred and cruelty. But Dumbledore pretends to kind while actually he's cruel, manipulative and selfish. He allows the Marauders to torture Snape, he blatantly favors his own house while degrading Slytherin, he knows the secret keeper has been changed but lets James and Lily die and allows Black to take the fall, he illegally sealed their will so he'd have control over both Harry and the Potter fortune, guilts Snape into becoming his own personal slave, puts Harry with people who abuse him and willingly leaves him there, deliberately isolates Harry so he'd look to Dumbles as his savior, and trains him to willingly die. I am so NOT a fan of his and really enjoy seeing him fall in this fic.
2/21 c2 13Jaely
You know as much as I see your point about where you are trying to go with Harry’s anger with Snape, it’s kind of hypocritical to completely disregard the way Snape treats Harry as a part of the problem as to why Harry feels he’s an evil person. You are having people act like Snape is completely innocent of any wrongdoing and that Harry has come by his opinion unreasonably. He has spent his life being treated like the way Snape treats him. For whatever reason Snape continues to degrade and demean Harry at every turn, allowing those inclined in his house that wants, to also degrade, demean, and often attack him with impunity. To Harry Snape is just another Vernon Dursley. To have Hermione act like she has not been privy to at least the actions and inactions of Snape is just wrong. I can see that as a betrayal to Harry. What’s the point of even telling him if you aren’t going to be fair about everything. Yes Harry acts rashly, should that be addressed, yes, should his blind devotion to Dumbledore be addressed, yes, should his blind hatred of Slytherins be addressed, yes, but this needs to be addressed with the understanding of that the mass majority of his interactions with Slytherins have been bad and not because he goes out of HIS WAY to interact with them. It’s because of the Slytherins that have HUNTED Harry and then never been punished for it, and in fact ended with Harry being punished more often than not.

Just like Hermione had thought she would have escaped the loneliness of having no friends upon going to Hogwarts, Harry thought he would be escaping the Dursleys, only to find himself right back with someone that acts just like the one he hates the most. Someone that hates Harry for a reason he doesn’t even know and certainly can’t change, mor has Harry done a thing to Snape, not that a child should ever be the focus of such hate, for any reason anyway.

I was actually very excited to read this story, because I liked your other stories and this one went more into Hermione, who is my favorite character. I want to see your spin on her being adopted and how that effected her relationships around her. But I figured one thing would stay the same from the other couple of stories I have read thus far from you, that Hermione’s level smart observations about the world around her, and about Harry Potter, would continue. That she would have already been aware of the parts mentioned above. Maybe not of Harry’s past and how these things had made him rash and hotheaded, of if there were any possible Magical influences of Dumbledore making him even more so.

But that she would have been on point about what was going on with Snape and Harry. Not to just blindly say, Harry you have completed misunderstood the man. Oh yeah he has understood that the man has completely act grossly inappropriately towards a child for the past two years, just because he was the child of his childhood rival? That is so lame and immature. I don’t care if the boys father tried to kill him, the child is not responsible for the sins of the father. It’s no wonder that is the impression Harry has learned thus far. He has learned the the children if Deatheaters by far have not fallen far from the tree, and Snape encourages them to dump of Harry without repercussions.

For Hermione to not defend Harry on this point, to let him dangle here, instead of try to help him understand how Dumbledore is not acting like someone that has the best interests of anyone but Purebloods in mind. Was a misstep on Hermione’s part. She defended a man that has done nothing but attack Harry like it was all Harry’s fault and allowed the others to do the same. I did not expect you to write Hermione to be so callously indifferent to her friend. Harry’s never had a friend and he may not show it in the best way that he cares but he loves her by this point, even if it’s only platonically. And this character doesn’t even read like Hermione at this point. I think I am going back to your older stories. I still love your writing style, I just don’t think this was for me.
2/9 c22 9SuperSlyly
quite interesting story
hope to read more soon
1/31 c22 Pixiegyrl23
I love this story! I hope you are able to update it soon. Thank you for sharing!
1/30 c22 6ShadowAngel100
I’m so sad... I thought this was completed because it has 22 chapters but it’s not. I fooled myself into enjoying a story I can’t complete... it’s been like two years but I’d loveeeee to read more! Fingers crossed you update again
1/30 c21 20CallaRose4ever
I left a review the other day but I didn't include my big request. I know this is mostly about the siblings, but I beg you to please include a little romance for Hermione. Maybe with Victor? Loving the story and looking forward to more. : )
1/30 c22 CallaRose4ever
awesome story so far I am enjoying reading this. I hope you will continue this story soon.
1/15 c22 Fris Comyns
I really enjoyed this story, it’s a shame it was never completed it. It’s a shame you gave up on Fanfic you are an excellent story teller. Thanks for the ride!
1/7 c22 BookishRaven
I love this story! I hope you come back to it and finish it or do a part 2!
12/9/2020 c22 Tracy Bair
I enjoy your works. I hope your muse returns
10/18/2020 c22 Myrlotic
This is so great! I really love this story and love to revisit from time to time! I honestly hope you come back to this story some time, would love to see an ending. You have talent
8/8/2020 c22 Mad.Mitsuky
Uh... where is the next button? ;- ;
7/30/2020 c22 elffrost287
Please update this! It’s so good! I can’t wait to see what happens next and I hope you keep writing it
7/11/2020 c1 Callialex
I like the start of this story but I feel that Harry would have stopped my the infirmary while hermione was there and would have run into the Notts already. I look forward to seeing what happens next!
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