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for Transformers RWBY: The Flames of Redemption

8/16 c33 supletmen
Nemesis Prime?!
8/16 c30 supletmen
Laserbeak the bestboi
8/15 c29 supletmen
When the Author mentions "Things is going to heat up soon" My reaction: please don't
8/15 c19 supletmen
When you mentioned "Having an Offspring" a dirty thought just crossed my ming
8/15 c12 supletmen
8/11 c84 1agatagrzelinska1914
Transformers RWBY Ice Queendom fusion?
7/20 c1 Pater7624
I have one question for the author, would it be possible to make picture or art for this wonderful fanfiction, it would make it easier for some people to imagine the characters, so I can't wait for the next part.
6/14 c84 OutlawSnide7
how about a story where Megatron returns to earth after part 83 and helps the Autobots and how he returns to remnant with Yang
6/14 c47 OutlawSnide7
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Love, it nelfix power of the primes reference when Megatron from that show saw Rodimus Cron/Unicron in his Unicronus form he said that now this version did the same thing but for Skyquakes body
5/11 c35 1Ultimatrix bearer
Welp megatron is screwed
5/6 c12 Guest
Is their a way we can see like drawn versions of the decepticons as humans
4/12 c32 Born2BeGodLike
Here where I stop. The moment the bad guys had Decepticons on there side I knew here where story ends for me. The enemies reaction to unknowns are not there when thing like this happens.
3/28 c84 Guest
Creator if you here thus please acknowledge how about for the time being until volume 9 comes out you do a separate series where the rwby characters and the transformers we've seen in human react to transformers prime where they first came from so they can truly see who they are for themselves. Please respond to this it's a good idea
3/15 c84 1Pedro Alonso Buby Huayanay Zamudio
It's great and that from volume 9 hmm well as I say everything good is worth the wait also I have a question do you plan to make a chibi version of that fic I mean for comedy.
3/13 c82 GojiraFan455516
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