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3/1/2018 c1 The evil rainbow
I was trying not to wake up my mom cuz I was laughing so hard...I'm still trying to not laugh. But yah I think you should add a nother part to it...it would be even funnier
2/28/2018 c1 1Bakers28
THIS WAS SO INCREDIBLE OH MY GOSH! Another part will always be good lol
2/28/2018 c1 20ShanaHollows
This was SO CUTE! I got the tingles throughout the whole story. The yearning poor Lucy has to go through...and he's loved her all along. SO many parts made me laugh...especially that the entire guild was in on it the whole time and Lucy's reputation as "Natsu's girl."

LOVED IT! So worth the wait! (and I'm in favour of another chapter...cuz I know if you write the next chapter, it's about to become a full blown story!
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